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Study Abroad Back to South Korea

Rachel Morgandale, Arts Editor

Last year a number of Cedar Crest students travelled to the Seoul Women’s University for a month long program with BIP, the Bahrom International Program. The program brought together Korean student with students from North America and other countries around the world. The students are engaged in educational lectures, cooking classes, traditional dance, athletics, and outings around Seoul.

Shamara Rhodes attended the program last summer. About the benefits of the program, she says, “BIP has helped me build stronger communication skills within school and outside of school. I learned to slowdown while speaking because of the language barrier. BIP was an amazing experience I met so many people from around the U.S and other countries. When I returned to
the United States I was ready to fly back. BIP showed me how to be a better person, whereas before I may have walked past a person without saying anything but share a brief smile. Now I feel the urge to say hello to everyone and getting out of my comfort zone just because these are the basic skills you need to work with people.”

Cedar Crest College has been strengthening its international ties thanks to efforts of Jenny Weatherford, Director of Global Initiatives and International Programs. Several students from Seoul have exchanged with Cedar Crest as well.

This year Cedar Crest students again have the chance to make the journey to Seoul. The program runs from June 30 to July 26. Like last year, the program will give Cedar

Crest students the chance to experience the history and culture of South Korea while living and working with local students. Rhodes comments, “BIP is a great way for Cedar Crest students to realize there is way more out there in the world to see. My south Korean experience has taught me no matter how much your English or language is limited a simple, smile or hello can mean the world to someone.”

Application deadline is Jan 28.


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