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Become A Cedar Crest Leader Now

Victoria Kuebler, Managing Editor

Leadership is a part of the Cedar Crest philosophy. If you would like to be a part of it, you can apply to several respected leadership positions including Resident Advisors, Orientation Team Members, Service Scholars, Conference Service Assistants, and Emerging Leaders.


Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors, RAs, are hired through Residence Life. RAs staff the residence buildings Moore, Burtis (Curtis and Butz), and Steinbright. According to MyCedarCrest, the main functions of RAs include “acting helper, educator, administrator, policy enforcer, team member and role model.”

RAs play a pivotal role in the campus community through helping residents in the dorms. The position also opens new opportunities to RAs and helps them develop leadership skills.

“Being a RA has allowed me to meet a lot of new people I wouldn’t normally have encountered,” said Emily Bergey, a senior nutrition major and the head RA in Butz.

The skills developed through the RA position can be helpful in the real world.

“I think the RA position allows student to develop numerous transferable skills to multiple fields,” said Kelly Ann Ryan, the assistant director of residence life. “I served as a RA when I was a student and now that I’ve been in the workforce for several years, I can see how valuable my RA experience truly was.”

The RA position can help students relate and develop skills within their own major.

“Being a RA demands a great deal of time management and being able to handle a variety of situations at a moment’s notice,” said Molly Koonz, a sophomore education major and RA in Steinbright. “As an education major, this in many ways is preparing me for classroom management and the organization required in my future career. Also, I can teach residents not to run with a stick in their mouths or pet a burning dog. Common sense is good in life.”

According to MyCedarCrest, ideal candidates have “maturity, acceptance of others, honesty, openness, initative, flexibility, reliability, sense of humor, emotional stability and leadership ability.”

Applications are due to Lynn Pigliacampi in the Allen House by Feb. 4 at 9:30 a.m. If there are any questions about this program, please contact Ryan at

Orientation Team Members

Orientation Team Members are directly involved with the orientation process. According to MyCedarCrest, these students “facilitate small groups, assist with resident student move-in, organize programs and schedules and co-teach a College Life 101 class for the first seven weeks of the fall semester.”

According to Tammy Bean, the director of community service and one of three people in charge of the program, ideal qualities for the position include helping students through transition; willingness to connect relationships between students, parents, and staff; educate on co-curricular activities and traditional education; and believe in and have others participate in traditions.

“We’re looking for interest in and willingness to work together to make a positive Cedar Crest experience for new students,” said Bean.

Applications for this program are due Feb. 8 at 4 p.m. in the Allen House. If there are any questions about this program, please contact Bean at, Christine Nowik at, or Danielle Ortiz at

Service Scholars

Service Scholars complete 300 hours of community service in one year in order to earn a $1,000 education award. According to the Service Scholar application, individuals in the program will be specifically placed with a community organization for about eight to 10 hours per week among other responsibilities.

“This truly is a program for those students who want to make a concerted effort in the community,” said Bean, who is also in charge of the Service Scholars program.

According to the application, ideal candidates should “have an interest in, commitment to, and knowledge of community service, activism, and/or social justice.”

Applications for this program are due by Apr. 5 to Bean in the TCC. If there are any questions about this program, please contact Bean at

Conference Service Assistants

Conference Service Assistants, CSAs, are hired summer positions that work with the international workers who reside in the residence halls. According to MyCedarCrest, CSAs are required to “develop a rapport with the international residents, foster individual responsibility, and to respond to emergency situations.” This position gives students the ability to broaden their experience with women of different cultures.

“I enjoyed this program because it gave me the broadest experience of diversity without leaving the campus,” said Jennifer Wen, a junior nursing major and a CSA for two years. “In one dorm building, we had over 200 international women from different countries. There were Slovakians, Slovenians, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Chinese, Jamaicans, and more. Each of these wonderful women had brought something to the table [including] food, language, culture, religion, education, relationships, and future companionships.”

According to MyCedarCrest, ideal candidates should have “maturity, acceptance of others, ability to recognize and mediate cultural/individual differences, honesty, openness, initiative, reliability, sense of humor, emotional stability and leadership ability.”

“I believe other people should apply for the position because it is a program that takes [students] to places [they’ve] never been. You meet new people and make friends. You guide and help others as both a leader and a peer. No other Cedar Crest Program will give you that,” said Wen.

If there are any questions about this program, please contact Amy Krum at

More information about any of these programs can be found on MyCedarCrest under the Leadership Tab and Campus Leadership Opportunities.


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