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CCC Gets Its Feet Wet

April Conway, Staff Writer

The athletic department is making some waves. Not only has athletics seen some changes in their staff, but they are also adding a NCAA swim team to the list of sports offered here at Cedar Crest.

The first season for the team will officially start next winter, an accomplishment that was brought to the college by several key players.

It all started with the Rodale Aquatic Center, which is one of the best facilities on campus, and Lisa Goddard McGuirk, the Director of Athletics, thought why not use it.

McGuirk first had to do the research. She had to figure out the costs, weigh the pros and cons, and provide the information to individuals like Dr. Elizabeth Meade, the provost at Cedar Crest; President Carmen Twillie Ambar; and Audra J. Kahr, the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the college.

McGuirk emphasized that this was a team effort. Between the officials of the college and the Rodale Center solidifying a practice time for the team, it was all coming together.

“We are very excited about the addition of a NCAA swim team here at Cedar Crest,” said McGuirk. “It will truly assist us in our endeavors to increase campus vibrancy, better serve a larger population of our current students, while attracting a new ‘pool’ of prospective student-athletes.”

Current students seem excited about the idea. Sarah Haas, a senior chemistry major and vice president of the swim club, has been apart of the club since her freshman year and supports the jump to NCAA status.

“I think making it a DIII team will make more people interested since we are looking for more swimmers,” said Haas.

The swim team would appeal to new swimmers by not only catering to the athletes on both a team and individual basis, but also because it has a large roster and can accommodate every level.

Freshman soccer player Becca Pyontek, majoring in criminal justice, sees this as something new for future students in several ways.

“It can get people more in shape, more healthier [sic], and make people want to join because they want to swim. It’s something different,” said Pyontek.

The next step was to hire a new coach.  Greg Vossler could literally coach the team, and tweet it too. He is not only the head coaching for the swim team but also the Assistant Director of Athletics for Sports Communication and Media Relations.

Vossler graduated from Misericordia University, with experience as both a student athlete and coach.

He set over 16 records while attending Misericordia University, some still bearing his name today, and has spent some of his post-collegiate time as an assistant coach in Virginia.

Bringing him to the athletic program will give the new team an edge. He sees a lot of potential in the program, and the size of the school will allow more one-on-one with the athletes.

However, it is not his records or coaching experience that will benefit the swim team the most. It is his understanding of being at both the bottom and the top. Vossler will be able to relate to the different levels of talent the team will attract.

With his background in communications, Vossler will travel to wherever necessary in order to recruit swimmers. These trips may take him as far north as Canada and as far south as Virginia. He plans to reach out to local radio stations, television stations, and newspapers.

Cedar Crest College is also participating in several exhibition-type matches at The College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown, N.J., on Feb. 1, and St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Feb. 8.

Vossler’s ultimate goal is simple: have a full roster of 18 women in three years and compete for the big titles.

“Don’t underestimate us. We may be small today,” said Vossler, “But you have got to be on the lookout for CCC swimming.”


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