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Electronically Addicted…

Natalia Martinez-Colon, Staff Writer

I was five when I first stared at that dark screen on my desk and  my mom told me what it was, a computer. I have been immersed in my unrealistic world ever since. I grew up with it: the games, the freedom, the knowledge, the media. I am what everyone has become.


When I was twelve, I met MySpace and we struck a neat relationship. I am sure I was not the only one. It taught me the beginnings of programming.  It gave me the control to create the world I wanted. It gave me a voice, one that I thought I never had.  The world was finally listening. Many needed a voice and the media had given it to them. This was the beginning of a generation, the beginning of my electronic addiction.


The world I had created disappeared in front of me when I witnessed Facebook battling with MySpace.  Many were conflicted, but I gave in to a world that promised me connection. I was the first of many to follow my path. Nowadays it is reported that 500 million people and counting are using Facebook to stay connected to their families, share their daily thoughts, or to present themselves to the world as they want to be, not necessarily as they are. This is the dark side of my world.


People don’t know if I am telling the truth. They don’t necessarily know what I look like, except for the picture on my Facebook, which may not even be real. My voice has now become unstoppable.  I can use it for right and wrong. I probably have two profiles but you wouldn’t know, because I am just a page, a comment, a post. I bully you anonymously and you can’t stop me. I am everywhere; you can’t run. I am the media.


That brings many to ask, if it does that to people, why don’t we stop using it? It’s simple; humans long for connection. We live for the chime of the phone notification, the ring when an email comes in, the satisfaction that people are listening and that we are part of the conversation. Our phones, our tablets, our computers rule our lives for one reason or the other.  Whether we are using it to read our college books on Nook Study or to do research for our next class assignment, you can count on that Facebook tab being open or it being signed in on your phone. The media is powerful, but it will only be as powerful as you let it be.



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This entry was posted on January 30, 2013 by in Opinion.
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