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Lacrosse Excited For 2013 Season

Kristi Young, Staff Writer

The lacrosse season is quickly approaching: Practices have started and teammates are getting amped up for the season.

Due to the cold weather, the players have been practicing inside the gym to prepare for the season. Their first game is coming up on Feb. 27.

As the players practice and build their bonds, Cindy Joseph, the head lacrosse coach, is setting high goals for this year’s season.

“The goal is to move forward in statistical categories. We want to increase scoring and have fewer goals against fewer turnovers,” Joseph explained. “And as always we are looking to win.”

Unlike last year, this year’s team is made up of eight returning players and seven new players. Joseph hopes that with new players, the team will be able to strengthen their offense.

“We learned more on defense last year, we are looking to even it out with the offense,” Joseph said.

Joseph said that after she saw what the players could do together in the fall season, the team seems to be preparing productively. She is also proud of the upper classmen, who are guiding lowerclassmen in practices.

Just as Joseph is excited for the season to begin, Cassie Bejar, a senior defender  and criminal justice major, is eager to start the season as well, especially after realizing that they are even more prepared than last year.

“I’m excited for every season,” said Bejar. But, she added that the “defense will be more solid than last year.”

Bejar has set herself the goal of not getting shut out this year.

“I’m proud we’ve never been shut out,” Bejar said. She doesn’t want to ruin the record.

Teammate Chelsea Thompson, a sophomore defender and psychology major, is also enthusiastic about the season.

“It is exciting with new players,” Thompson said.

In comparison to last year, Thompson is also very excited to see how they will do against the top teams in the league. She is personally setting out to improve her own goals.

Gerlie Loyola, a new offensive member to the lacrosse team and freshman psychology and communication major, is excited to become a part of the team.

“I’m a little nervous; I don’t know what to expect with the college level competition,” Loyola said.

However, Loyola is willing to step up and be a team member. She looks up to the upper classmen and has been taking their advice.

The lacrosse team is meshing together will this year, and keeps practicing to have a good season.

After many successful practices, the lacrosse team hopes to take their skills into the new season, fulfilling both teammate and coach goals.


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