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Syfy Channel Finales & Premieres

Paula Wesson, Lifestyles Editor


One thing I know is that the Syfy channel knows how to leaving viewers hanging. Syfy has long produced hit shows, and 2013 looks like it will be no different.  


“Alphas” was perhaps more of a fantasy show than hard science fiction, but it was an interesting show nonetheless. It revolved around the lives of five humans with supernatural abilities.

One character had super strength; another could intercept cell phone signals. They were all different, but together they made quite a team.

Unfortunately, we will not see any more of this team. Syfy announced earlier this month that “Alphas” was cancelled.


Season three of “Haven” came to an end on Jan. 17. As I watched this last season of “Haven,” I thought, “Oh, why, Syfy? Why are you ending another good show?”

I thought the whole series was coming to an end, but Syfy has confirmed a fourth season will air towards the end of the year.

I do not know how they will continue the show. Audrey has to disappear. If she doesn’t, the town’s Troubles won’t end.

The Troubles have always gone away when she has. First, she was Sarah. She disappeared for 27 years before coming back as Lucy. She left again and so did the Troubles, but when the Troubles returned, so did she. This time, she called herself Audrey.

During the first seasons, Audrey learned little about her past lives. She figured out how to help relieve individuals of their Troubles, but she didn’t know how she took away the whole town’s Troubles.

In season three, Audrey attempted to uncover her past, but the season finale brought new questions, like what will happen next?


Syfy has several new shows to keep us entertained until “Haven” does return.

“Continuum” premiered on Jan. 14. Although the first episode was set in part in the year 2077, it appears that most of the show will take place in 2012.

The terrorist group Liber8 escaped execution by going back in time. Their scheme did not quite go as planned, though, as a police officer named Keira Cameron noticed the time machine shortly before its activation and was accidentally transported back with them.

Rather than trying to live normal lives, the terrorists try to start a revolution so that democracy is not lost. Cameron, however, interferes in their plans by teaming up with Vancouver Police.


Syfy partnered with Trion Worlds, Inc. to create “Defiance,” a video game and television series. The game will be released on April 2 for PC, Playstation3, and Xbox 360. The show will premiere on April 15 at 9 p.m.

Set in 2046, the show depicts the lives of humans and Votans, or aliens, trying to live together after the Pale Wars. Unfortunately, mutant humans, created to be better soldiers, are still fighting against the Votans.

Players will be able to join thousands of other players to defeat the mutants in this third-person shooter game. They say that the way players fight will impact the episodes filmed.

To explore the town of Defiance or register to beta-test the game, visit

Other Shows

Syfy shows new episodes of their original programming almost every night of the week. “Being Human” and “Lost Girl” air every Monday. “Face Off” and “Total Blackout” are on every Tuesday. Ghosts rule on Wednesdays with “Ghost Hunters,” followed by “Ghost Mines.” On Fridays, watch “Merlin” for your last dose of since fiction before the weekend.

February will bring two new series, “Robot Combat League” and “Stranded,” premiering Feb. 26 and 27, respectively.

If that’s not enough, Syfy also has three online-only series—“Riese: Kingdom Falling,” “Nuclear Family,” and “The Mercury Men.” Five full episodes of most series are also free to watch on


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