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Basketball Falcons’ Shoot For Play 4 Kay

Victoria Kuebler, Managing Editor

Cedar Crest Basketball team lost its annual Play 4Kay game against Rosemont College last Saturday. Recognition was also given to previous 1000 point scorers at the game.

The loss brings the current overall record to 2–20 for the Falcons as of Saturday’s game. This continues the Falcons losing streak to 13 games. Rosemont went into the game with a current overall record of 13–7.  The Falcons have three games left before the end of the season.

Before the game started, the 1000 point scorers, now Cedar Crest alum, returned to be recognized. To be considered a 1000 point scorer, a basketball player must score 1000 or more points during games over the course of four years or how long they’ve been playing basketball.

Recent graduates Kelly Oakes, class of 2011; LeAnn Wallower, class of 2011; and Lizzy Sunderhaus, class of 2012, were all honored and in attendance. The banners honoring the 1000 point scorers can be seen hanging in the gym.

“I feel really proud that they are honoring all the 1000 point scorers,” said Sunderhaus, class of 2012. “I hope they are able to honor all the sports at some point. For example, Tara Fikes has [a record] in lacrosse and Lauren Seale, class of 2011, has [a record] in volleyball. I hope this is the beginning of honoring all sports.”

According to athletic director Lisa McGuirk, the athletics department is in the process going through past records to be able to honor records in all sports.

“Our ultimate goal is to have a formal hall of fame display in the lobby including an interactive component,” said McGuirk. “Going forward we’re hoping to recognize other sport’s mile stones.”

Saturday’s game was the Falcons’ Play 4Kay game to support breast cancer awareness. Play 4Kay began in 2007 to honor Kay Yow, a former North Carolina State University women’s basketball coach who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Yow was diagnosed in 1987 and passed away in January 2009 after 3 bouts of cancer.

Both teams sported pink warm-up t-shirts. The Falcons wore pink socks for the entire game. Brisk Pink Lemonade, donated by PepsiCo; doughnuts, donated by Dunkin Donuts; and pink headbands, donated by Anaconda Sports and Lids, were sold at the game.

Proceeds from merchandise and donations at the game are going to the Play 4Kay charity.

While the loss on Saturday continues in a 13 game losing streak for the Falcons, they played a hard game. Senior Megan DeMutis and junior Amber Wehry were the team’s top scorers. At one point of the game, senior Shamara Rhodes displayed great sportsmanship. In the second half, she helped up a Rosemont player that she had knocked down.

“I think there was a lot of sportsmanship out there,” said Diana Duarte, a junior nursing major.

“I feel like they look more intense than other games that I’ve attended,” said Fatima Smith, a sophomore nursing major.

On Tuesday morning it was announced from the Cedar Crest College Athletics Facebook page that Wehry and freshman Kayleigh Keegan were ranked in the CSAC Top 10 in Offensive categories. Wehry ranks ninth overall in individual shootings. Keegan ranks 10th in 3 point shooting.

While the Falcons are playing a losing season, according to Coach Tyron Taylor, it doesn’t mean the team isn’t working hard.

“It’s unfortunate that we as a team did not set out what we wanted to achieve,” said Taylor. “But it doesn’t mean we underachieved.”

According to Taylor, he’d like to get to three wins overall for the season. With another win, it will mean the Falcons won’t tie for last place in their conference. There is a chance if the Falcons win two of their next three games, they could finish ninth.

“I’m proud of these girls,” said Taylor, “They come out at 6 am, not complaining, and come out every single night to play. They have been there for each other and for me. They have stuck it out.”

“I applaud our student athletes and our basketball team,” said McGuirk. “They really stuck it out and they’ve had a tough season. None of them have quit and that is encouraging. We have some tough games coming up. Adversity builds character and we have faced some adversity. It’s easy to be a student athlete when you’re winning. By continuing down this rough journey, you see their commitment to one another and their teammates. I really am so proud of them.”

The Falcons’ last home game and last game of the season is on February 11 at 7 pm against Baptist Bible.


One comment on “Basketball Falcons’ Shoot For Play 4 Kay

  1. Ty Taylor
    February 7, 2013

    “It’s unfortunate that we as a team did not set out what we wanted to achieve,” said Taylor. “But it doesn’t mean we underachieved.”… Not sure what my comment was suppose to mean here? “It’s unfortunate that we did not achieve the goals that we established at the begining of the season as individuals and as a team.” “Despite our record, you can say that we have achieved some success.”… Coach Taylor


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