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Super Bowl XLVII: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Emily Orischak, Opinions Editor

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched televised events world-wide with over 100-million people tuning in. While the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers certainly put on a good show last Sunday, one of the best parts of the game is the commercials.

With companies paying over $3.4 million dollars for a 30 second ad, you would think that these commercials would be some of the best they have to offer.

This year, just as in the past few years, there was a mixed bunch of commercials. Some of the commercials made me laugh, some a little teary, but others left me feeling confused and disgusted.

One of two commercials shows personified representations of the sites “sexy” and “smart” sides coming together. The company went too far by having the two actors make out for eleven seconds, zooming in and including the very loud sound effects that someone eating peanut butter would make.

The Old Spice Apollo commercial was pretty pointless. It opens on a beach scene and there is a shark in the water. One woman is out in the water as the shark is swimming around her, not even all that close to her, and she is flailing her arms as if she is drowning. That made no sense on its own, but then the hot lifeguard rescues the woman. She sees an astronaut in the distance and runs to him. Why? I don’t really know. I don’t run up to random astronauts walking the beach. Just pointless.

The best advertisement of Super Bowl XLVII goes to Budweiser and the heartwarming story of a horse breeder who raised a young Clydesdale since birth so that the horse would become one of the famous Budweiser cart horses. We see the relationship between the two grow as the young horse grows up. After three years of separation, the now very large adult Clydesdale sees his previous owner during a parade, runs to him, and the two embrace showing a very touching moment between the two friends.

Clydesdales have been associated with the beer company for so long, that viewers expect to see one in a commercial. In previous years, Budweiser has made us laugh, cry, and feel almost everything in between, and this year was no exception. Number one advertisement goes to the Budweiser Clydesdale.

“The Big Bang Theory”’s Kaley Cuoco appeared as an all-powerful genie in a Toyota RAV4 commercial. She grants the family’s wishes from talking animals to becoming a royal princess. The father seems to get ripped off by having his “infinite wishes” turn into “infinite witches”. Perhaps I am a little biased, because I am a Big Bang fan but this commercial still made me laugh.

Doritos played two advertisements this year, and both made my top ten. The goat for sale commercial showed a man and goat living together, both crazed over Doritos. That is until the goat’s munching drove the man to keep all the Doritos for himself and sell the goat, but the goat wasn’t having that and kicked the crap out of the man. Best part? The goat’s scream.

Another commercial shows just how far a guy will go to have some Doritos, including dressing up as a very pink and glittery princess. His friends can’t resist getting some Doritos even if they too must play dress up, which is bad news for the wife’s wedding dress, now around the large, bearded man covered in broken chips.

Even Gangnam style’s Psy made an appearance in the Pistachio commercial, where he proceeded to crack the nuts “Gangnam style.” If you like the song, as I do, then you probably found the advertisement amusing.

All these advertisements can be found on YouTube, so check them out yourself and see what I am talking about.


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