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Are You Bad Enough For Badminton?

Emily Orischak, Opinions Editor

On February 5, the Department of Recreation informed students that intramural badminton would be taking place in Lees Hall every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the month of February at 9:30 p.m.
Head coach, Cindy “Jo” Joseph, who is in charge of recreation, decided to bring back badminton this semester because of interest shown by students in the class Olympics. Coach Jo seemed especially excited to bring back the highly anticipated sport.
“We do intramurals all year round including volleyball and badminton,” explained Coach Jo, who has been head of Recreation for the past two and a half years.

Many students participated in the class Olympics tournament and worked up quite a sweat. Even after the match for that night was finished, a group of students stayed after to continue playing because they enjoyed it.
Some students who took part in the Olympic tournament returned to Lees Hall this semester for more, but there were a few unfamiliar faces appearing on the first night and even a few more the next.
“It was fun, especially learning how to serve the birdie,” said first year nursing major, Jessyca Tompkins-Morgan, who hadn’t really played badminton before.

Tompkins-Morgan arrived late Tuesday night and learned how to time her swing so that it was able to hit the birdie. Come Thursday, Tompkins-Morgan found that she had improved considerably, smashing the birdie onto the other team’s court many times.
Katie Geible, who is a senior history major, came to badminton tournaments just to play for fun.
“It sounded interesting,” Geible said. “I just play…and fall on the floor!”
Laughter and cheers resonated from Lees Hall last Tuesday night as other students, from first years to seniors, appeared on the court coming for the friendly competition and fun.

Junior chemistry major, Barbara Colburn, has been a part of badminton every spring since her freshman year at Cedar Crest.
“It’s one of those sports you can’t really mess up,” Colburn said just minutes before the first birdie of the semester was hit. “You just have fun with it. And even if we do lose, we’re like ‘That’s still awesome!’”
Alexis Malone, a first-year biochemistry major, played badminton at her high school because it was the main sport students participated in.

Since 8th grade, Malone has taken up her racket and is enthusiastic about badminton at Cedar Crest “because it’s badminton and it’s fun!”

While a good number of students enjoy the intense rallies back and forth and even the brilliant misses, there was a chance that badminton may not have returned this year.

“It was losing popularity,” said Coach Jo, explaining that not as many students were attending the matches in recent years.
Though badminton is to be continued throughout the month, Coach Jo explained, “It had not been the plan to continue past February.”

However, there is still hope for those students who are avid about playing badminton. Coach Jo said that there is a possibility the intramural sport could continue for the remainder of the semester if there is enough interest shown by students.
If you are interested in being a part of the intramural badminton team, stop by Lees Hall at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday nights throughout the month of February, and be prepared for some fun.


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