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How Are Student Athletes Fed?

Debra Lobien, Crestiad Special

After a tiring game Nikki Johnson is starving and cannot wait to dig in to her bagged dinner.  After opening her dinner she is no longer excited, but infuriated.  Instead of receiving a ham sandwich, apple, pretzels, and cookies; she got a turkey sandwich, banana, chips, and granola bar.  The only correct item that she ordered was her bottle of water.

Cedar Crest College’s new athletic director Lisa McGuirk has brought a change to athlete’s lunches that some are not happy with.  The change involves switching over from going out to eat to bagged lunches/dinners.  The decision was made for many reasons said McGuirk.

As the Falcons head away for their games they now take a cooler with each athletes name on their dinner.  What are the reasons for this? The reasons according to McGuirk are because the meals offer more nutritious, more cost effective, more food/variety, and convenience.

McGuirk says that many college athletic departments standard procedure is to utilize boxed meals for their away travel needs. The meals are applied to the student-athletes meal plans.  “Providing the boxed meals, our student-athletes are afforded more food, then they would otherwise receive if they were to stop at “fast food” establishment and it allows our teams to arrive home about 40-45 minutes earlier, than if they were to stop some place.”

Not to worry if students are traveling a long distance, or multi-game event additional meal money is then provided.  Also, the new set up allows student-athletes to “pace” their meal.

The change involves the athletes mostly and the coaches of the athletic teams.  In the past students were allotted 6-8 dollars depending on if it was lunch or dinner.  This money was spent at convenient fast paced places to get food such as, Sheetz, Wawa, and Subway.  Now students receive a menu with options of sandwiches, snacks, and drinks to choose from.  The meals are ready for pick up from the dining services on campus.

Even though forms are filled out sometimes the results are disappointing.  “I wish the meals were always packed with the items I ordered, and we would have a bigger variety, especially for people who cannot eat most of the options,” said Johnson, sophomore volleyball athlete.

Jenn Rittenhouse a senior soccer athlete has a different complaint about the new system.  Rittenhouse feels as though the system is a lot more involved than just going out for dinner after a game.  “The lunches require us to fill out the slips, hand them in, pick them up, fit into a cooler, and then have to travel with them.”

Even though student athletes may be a little negative McGuirk believes it was from small things that can be fixed.  She says this fall there were a few “hiccups” that can be attributed to simple things like, the coaches’ late submission of orders, food service being unsure as to what to expect in terms of volume, etcetera. This was the first year for the new system and McGuirk appreciates the student-athletes’ patience in the process.

“I am happy to report we have all continued to work together and everything is running smoothly now. I am confident that this will continue into the future,” says McGuirk.  Working together and accepting the change with athletes, coaches, and food services will make this transition easier for everyone she says.



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