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Month Of Stress Awareness

Emily Baxter, Web Editor

Many Cedar Crest students suffer from stress and anxiety through the year related to school work, club obligation and other responsibilities. April is known as National Stress Awareness Month and is sponsored by The Health Resource Network, a non-profit health education organization.

On its website, the organization states “Stress Awareness Month is a national, cooperative effort to inform people about the dangers of stress, successful coping strategies, and harmful misconceptions about stress that are prevalent in our society.”

It is no secret that college students are the hardest hit when it comes to stress, especially at the end of the school year, where final exams and the last bits of academia are turned in. But what can you do with all that stress?

Exercise regularly and get plenty of daily activities such as a brisk walk around campus, get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. Meditation is a good way to relax your brain, but make sure you schedule in your meditation. Although students cannot have a pet (besides fish) with them, having a pet can lower your stress in a major way. Simply smiling is another de-stressor. Being around other students who are feeling stressed can add to personal stress. Students should be supportive of their friends who are feeling stressed and remain calm.

Students can be stressed out by a lot of different factors including classes, social lives, clubs, or jobs.

“Writing papers and presentations stress me out the most. It’s so hard to try to keep everything straight,” said Amanda Lambert, a junior psychology major.

“School work, school work and more school work,” said Samantha Kitts, a senior neuroscience and psychology double major. “I just feel like it keeps pilling up and I never get it done,”

When students feel stress or anxiety coming on, some find personalized way to relieve their worries.

“I listen to music while I walk around outside. It helps me clear my head and prioritize,” said Lambert.

“To reduce stress, I take naps, talk to my boyfriend, write lists to organize myself,” said Haleigh Washburn, a senior math major.

“April is a big stress month because of graduation coming up,” said Alicia Swigart, a senior chemistry major, “to cope, I take one day at a time to get rid of stress.”

“It really comes down to time management,” said Stephanie Baunach, a senior nursing major, “you have to make a slot of time for yourself and only yourself. During this time, I don’t think about school, clubs or even friends. I just concentrate on what relaxes me the most which for me is drawing and listening to music. I feel that if you don’t make a slot for yourself during the week, you’ll become too overwhelmed and stress will just consume you.”

“I try to catch myself freaking out and unravel and just stop it right there. I’ll try and get my thoughts out and organize what I need to do by making lists. Having it all down in front of me helps me see exactly what I still need to do instead of getting overwhelmed,” said Savannah Russel, a psychology major.

If the stress gets too much to handle, students can schedule an appointment with Health Services to talk with a counselor. Counselors are great for when you cannot handle the stress of losing a loved one during finals or just for when you are feeling blue.



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