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Cedar Crest Adds New Masters Program

Angelique Calladonato, Staff Writer

If students have not noticed already, there has been a new addition to the front page of the Cedar Crest College website announcing the new Master in Art Therapy program that has been created. The current art therapy undergraduates have been very excited about the new program, and many of them are applying to attend following their graduating bachelor’s degrees.

Rebecca Arnold, the head of the new department, has been working at Cedar Crest as an adjunct professor in art therapy, teaching small classes of students in such courses as Introduction to Art Therapy and Applications of Art Therapy. She has had experience teaching art therapy on both

the undergraduate and graduate levels and is also a registered and board certified art therapist. Arnold’s feelings about art therapy can be described in Shaun McNiff’s Art Heals, “Art can heal wherever it is practiced, whereas art therapy is a more circumscribed experience that takes place within the con- text of a therapeutic relationship between qualified (art) therapists and clients and with resources that do not exist when a person creates alone.”

The new art therapy program has been the host of a slight media frenzy on campus, from the television interview with WFMZ 69 News, as well as a recent radio interview. The television interview debuted the new art therapy studio and classroom space that will be a crucial aspect of the studio-based program that Arnold has designed. Some features of the art therapy master’s program is its versatility for the busy schedule of S.A.G.E students, access to many studios such as jewelry/metalsmithing, paper-mak- ing and painting, and an overall curriculum that fulfills the American Art Therapy Asso- ciation’s guidelines.

Studying art therapy boasts many job possibilities after graduation, with a wide range of locations such as hospitals, schools, and private practice, as well as an almost unlimited amount of populations that art therapy can benefit such as older adults and veterans. Part of the program involves over 800 hours of hands-on experience working in the art therapy field in a variety of therapeutic settings.

The art therapy department has focused on the needs of students, allowing art therapy students that are interested in the program to sit in on the interviews of potential professors. On April 30 there will be an open house for the new studio space from 5-7 p.m., followed by a question and answer session with Rebecca Arnold.


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