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Key Card Error and Wet Shoes

Emily Orischak, co-managing editor

Most students awoke this dreary Wednesday morning to rain tapping on their bedroom windows, but an equally depressing surprise awaited the residents of Butz Hall—a card swiping error to the main door that left some students standing out in the rain.

Megan Zanes and Mary Clinton, both sophomore nursing majors and roommates, discovered the issue on their way back to Butz Hall after class.

“We were standing there waiting to go in,” said Zanes. “Someone from campus police and maintenance were there at the door.”

Both Zanes and Clinton ended up using the handicap entrance to the side of Butz towards TCC.

“We were going to go to lunch,” explained Clinton. “But we weren’t sure if we could go out through the door.”

Butz Hall has one main entrance where student residents can go in and out of the building. The handicap door off to the side is only used by students who have a medical need to enter and leave the building through the side door.

Only residents with a specific code on their student I.D. cards can enter or exit through those doors.

Signs are posted on the inside of the doors warning residents “Emergency Exit Only! Alarm Will Sound!”

That same alarm trilled early that same morning, reverberating down the almost empty halls, waking some students from their post-studying slumber.

“The alarm for the other door went off around 8:30 this morning,” said Allison Osborne, a sophomore genetic engineering major.

Roommate and sophomore history major, Marissa Chamberlin, said, “It was a God-awful noise, and it kept going off!”

Chamberlin returned from her morning class around 10 A.M. when she discovered that the card reader was not working.

Around noon, Osborne caught sight of the temporary sign taped to the main entrance.

“This door is being repaired,” read the sign. “All Butz residents can enter through the ADA door until the problem is resolved.”

Roger Hawkey, lieutenant of campus police, who has worked at Cedar Crest for the past ten years, says that Stanley, the company involved with the maintenance of the card-swipe door locks “will come and fix the error by the end of the day Wednesday.”

“We are working diligently to correct the problem,” said Hawkey and went on to assure “while the main doors cannot be accessed by key card, the residence halls are secured.”

The entrance change in Butz, though only temporary, has left some of its residents wanting the change to be a bit more permanent.

“It was cool being able to the side door today,” said Jessica Blunt, senior nursing major. “It’s so close to my room.”

“I’d rather use the side door,” said Candace Boardwine, another senior nursing major. “I hate how we have only one entrance per building.”

Update: The door has been fixed. Please only enter and exit through the main door unless you have a medical need or there is a fire.


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