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Keeping It Together

By Angela Blum, Student Writer

After months of taking it easy, the new school semester can take some getting used to. You may find yourself struggling with managing your schedule. Here are some tips to help you stay organized during the new semester.

Keep your subjects separated.
If you are having trouble keeping your classes straight  you can use a binder to hold all the information. Store a folder, loose leaf, a notebook, and any handouts from class easily in a three ring binder. It makes storage easier and will lessen the chance of forgeting your supplies for class.

Keep a planner.
Planners are easy ways to keep track of both your academics and your social life. They are reasonably priced and easy to manage. All you need to do is write down what assignments are due when. You can mark down in the full month calendar all the exams and projects you have to make sure you keep ahead of the work flow. Planners also help you get a better visual on what times of the semester are going to be hectic, like if you have several projects due at the same time. It allows you see what is in store and prevent you from falling behind.

If a planner is not enough, try using an appointment book.
An appointment book does not only break down the year into months and weeks, it goes even further and breaks down your busy day into time slots. This can help you keep track of all your classes, clubs, work, and meetings. You can pen in how long everything is and when it starts, allowing you to see exactly how much free time you have to get your homework done.

Use notecards to organize assignments.
If you cannot keep track what is due when, buy a pack of notecards to help you stay on track. On the top write the date and everything due that day. Plan for the coming week or if you are feeling ambitious work a week or two into the future. After you finish an assignment simply it cross it off the card, and when you finish all the assignments on one card throw it away.

Use sticky notes to track your week.
Another easy way to track your schedule is to write your classes and their times on a sticky note for each day. That way you can quickly edit the days as necessary. Post the notes on your wall, door, desk, or anywhere you will see it. It will be a constant reminder of where you have to go.

Take advantage of the technology around you.
If all else fails, use an app. If you have a tablet or smartphone you can download a scheduling app or planner. That way all you have to do is punch in the information and the app does all the work. It will even send you a reminder before class begins and when due dates are coming up.


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