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Introducing Falcon Funds

By Ariel Richards

No longer do you need to visit the bank to deposit and or transfer finances. Just go on your phone. Cedar Crest College has taken a similar step towards the future with Falcon Funds.

Falcon Funds is the college’s way of allowing students to electronically manage their finances. It keeps track of your money placed electronically by you, family or friends; how much money remains from your Dining Dollars (sometimes called flex); how much bookstore financial aid you have; and how many meals are remaining from your meal plan. Falcon Funds can be used in the Falcon’s Nest, college bookstore, and dining hall.

When running low on money, you can go to the cashier’s office on the top floor of Blaney Hall or simply go online and add money on your own time. Log on to; click the Current Student tab. If it’s your first time using Falcon Funds, look for “Falcon Funds Login” and click “Create Link.” Then you can browse account history or suspend a lost I.D. card.

The effects of this technological advancement mean a little less activity, according to Lynda Yohe of the cashier’s office. Though Yohe does like to interact with students, she understands that they are busy. She does not find Falcon Funds as a threat to her position, because there are still other things to do in the mean time.

Amanda Scott, a senior biology major, stated that Falcon Funds are a good idea for students who need extra money for meals. Families get help expressing their gratitude with more food.

“Can never have too much money for snacks,” said Scott.

Others were apathetic; Melissa Moyer, a senior genetic engineer major, did not think much of the changes.

“As far as I was concerned, nothing changed. I’ve never had to add money to my account, and so I don’t think many people really noticed the change,” Moyer said.

In regards to some on campus, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


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