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Everybody’s Talking About Fit Club

By Gabrielle Johnson

September brings the beginning of the new semester, and the beginning of chillier weather and delicious pumpkin baked goods in the dining hall. All this bodes ill for the new students worrying about that dreaded Freshman Fifteen and their upperclassmen worrying about the oncoming midterm stress eating. But what can one do to stay healthy when the Dining Hall has a frozen yogurt machine at every meal? The Athletics Department might have the answer.

Sarah Wolcott, the Assistant Director of Athletics for Wellness and Head Soccer Coach, is at the forefront of the effort to bring fitness to Cedar Crest. Feeling that Healthy U, a previous fitness program on campus, had “lost its luster” due to its steadily declining attendance, she wished to revamp it and make it a program “for everyone, whether you’ve started today or tomorrow or have been at it for 20 years”.

Wolcott, a former personal trainer specializing in healthy fat loss, is “really passionate about fitness & exercise and wants to see everybody excited about it, too”. She, and the rest of the Fit Club team, have high expectations for the program and hope it gathers more attention than the late Healthy U.

What is the difference between Fit Club and Healthy U exactly? Courtney Godbolt, a junior Biology major with a minor in Nutrition, believes it’s the personalization and one-on-one help that is being offered this time around. Fit Club is highly personalized to ensure everyone who participates is getting what they need to live healthy and happy.

While Healthy U did offer programs, Fit Club plans on making these much more frequent in order to give students more chances to participate. Originally signing up because it was recommended to Cedar Crest athletes, Godbolt is “actually really excited” after seeing everything the program has to offer and is looking forward to having “people there to motivate you, rather than doing it all by yourself”.

With sessions offered three times a week, special workshops and seminars just for members, and integration of the other fitness classes on campus, the program puts forth many opportunities for students to participate. Members receive a meal plan and workout routine based on their current level of fitness as well as what level they are seeking to obtain.

The club will be using the Choose My Plate Super Tracker, which was developed by the United States Department of Agriculture to encourage the American public to get fit by offering an easier way to plan and track diet and exercise.

The workouts themselves are centered on fueling the metabolism, and are short duration and high intensity. These types of workouts rely on members setting their own pace and deciding when they have reached their limit, rather than having a group of different fitness levels attempt to follow the same routine. Perhaps most appealing, members can also look forward to working with certified trainers to design that is right for them.

The program will utilize competition to get students to participate more frequently, and will be using a point system to track which members are going to the classes and seminars offered. At the end of every month, members can look forward to winning fabulous prizes by either collecting the most points, winning various competitions offered throughout, or having the highest percentage of fat loss. This, along with the special events the staff has planned, will be used to keep club members motivated and on track throughout the semester.

For more information on Fit Club go to,, or the Student Affairs tab on MyCedarcrest.


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