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The Road to 100 College Drive

By Emily Orischak, Managing Editor

The end of my junior year of high school found me actively searching for my future college-to-be. I hadn’t thought much of what was beyond summer vacation and pressure from my guidance counselor and parents made my search all the more frantic.

I took a trip to Philadelphia for the National College Fair to see some of the perspective colleges out there. Hours later – and with three trees worth of brochures later – I walked out feeling more confused than when I had entered.

For the next few weeks, I dug through the mounds of information I gathered from the fair and came down to two schools: Kutztown University and Cedar Crest College.

Kutztown was a closer commute from home, about 20 minutes verses Cedar Crest’s 45 minute drive, and that was definitely something to keep in mind while working at home over the weekends. Cedar Crest had a smaller student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1, definitely a more personable classroom atmosphere.

After years of hating the high school where I was, I knew that my choice of colleges had to be just that—my choice. I had to choose what best fit my needs, what furthered my education. I now had the opportunity to choose the school I wanted to go to, not someplace I had to deal with.

This wasn’t a decision I made lightly. I visited both campuses and even sat in on a class. I went on tours, and even brought my family along for their own opinions. I compared tuition and how much financial aid each one offered.

Being a state university, Kutztown did not have the funds to offer me a lot in grants or scholarships. Cedar Crest put together a package for me which came out to be around the same amount as Kutztown. I would be getting a private college education, at a place that felt like home, a place I felt comfortable.

So Cedar Crest it was. Months of deliberation and weeks of indecision, I entered my final semester of high school sure and confident.

My feelings have not changed even now as I enter the start of my sophomore year. I love all of my classes, the professors are wonderful and helpful, and I truly feel as if I can be myself here. No more sitting silently in class because I was afraid to give my opinion.

I have found some wonderful friends, people who support me and my endeavors. I have found my home away from home.

I have found myself at Cedar Crest College.



Cedar Crest College ranks 15 in the Regional College North Rankings reported by U.S. News & World Report. Rankings were determined based on seven categories: tuition and fees, total enrollment, fall 2012 acceptance rate, average freshman retention rate (between fall 2008 and fall 2011), 6-year graduation rate, classes with fewer than 20 students, and the SAT/ACT 25th-75th percentile.

Cedar Crest College’s data according to U.S. News & World Report

Tuition and Fees—$33,000

Total Enrollment—1567

Fall 2012 acceptance rate—61.2%

Average freshman retention rate—74%

6-year graduation rate—61%

You can find more information about Cedar Crest’s ranking at




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