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Let’s Not Limit Smoking Here

By Laura D’Amato, Staff Writer

Being in a new college environment has brought a world of changes. One in particular is being able to smoke at school.

On one side there are those who want smoking limited or banned on campus and the other side believes that our current regulations are sufficient.

According to the Student Handbook, smoking is prohibited in all buildings and within 15 feet of all buildings along with a $300 fine for any violations. Given these regulations it seems that the smoking population has remained very mindful to those who do not smoke. Although it may seem that the consideration is not mutual.

The non-smoking population sometimes expresses how uncomfortable they are in the presence of those who are actively smoking, and that is very understandable. Although, it seems that we often forget the addiction that accompanies cigarettes. This addiction is to the nicotine which releases chemicals in the brain that relieve stress and bring a feeling of happiness. To a smoker this is the hardest thing to let go of if they attempt to quit smoking.

With the new college environment brings a lot of stress which makes the calming effects of nicotine something that is even more heavily relied on. With our school regulations in place there is not a major inconvenience to smokers, but if smoking were banned it would bring a new stress to the students, faculty, and staff that smoke.

A smoking ban would mean that smoking is confined to off campus areas or possibly the parking lots. This would make it more difficult for students to smoke between classes.

So if the school were to enact a ban on smoking, there could be protests against this extreme measure. For example, smokers held a “smoke-out” at the University of Kentucky.

If the roles were reversed, the reactions would be quite similar. Smoking indoors has been proven to cause illnesses in non-smokers being exposed to secondhand smoke, which has brought new laws such as The Clean Indoor Air Act.

So in the end, smoking is becoming even more regulated as time goes on. The question is where do the restrictions end?

With this in mind we must call the opinions of the Cedar Crest community into play. “We’re all adults and most of us are finding ourselves. We have our own independence. I don’t see a problem with it on campus,” Victoria Seltzer, a freshman Social Work major, said.

The best solution to this problem is compromise. If we decided to regulate smoking to outside the residence halls and the TCC we would be able to satisfy both sides of the argument.


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