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Should Cedar Crest College Offer Life Skills Workshops?

By Angela Blum, Staff Writer

 Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were born knowing how to balance a check book? What about how to apply for a loan, balance finances, mend clothing, and pay taxes?

Unfortunately, these are all things we have to learn.

So who teaches us? There are usually home economics courses in high school, but not every school teaches the same things.

Students may be coming to college without the knowledge of how to do laundry or keep track of payments.

Lack of information about common household chores is rectified easily. All you need is to be taught how.

Cedar Crest could easily offer workshops for students who are interested, either through RA programs for the more dorm related things, or they could have faculty help students during campus wide workshops.

Programs and workshops of this fashion would give the students the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding in fields that were foreign to them before.

Students Offer Their Opinions:


Alyssa Babecki, Junior Psychology Major with a Math Minor.

“I think that’s a good idea. It will make you feel more prepared for the future.”

Turner Vasil, Junior English Major with a Writing Concentration.

Heck yeah. I don’t know how to balance a check book. I don’t know how to go to the bank.  I don’t know how to clean the toilet. My mom says I should already know this by now, but nobody’s taught me.”

Jessica Witkowski, Junior English Major with a Literature Concentration

“I do believe that the college would benefit from teaching us general life skills.”

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