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Memories of Fall Family Weekend

By Laura D’Amato


(Back, left to right) Carol Smith, Patty Smith, and Kira Smith
(Front, left to right) Vivian Smith, Matthew Smith, and Samuel Smith

Campus was buzzing last week as students tirelessly prepared for Fall Family Weekend. Some were on planning committees and transformed the Quad into a boardwalk bash, while others were busy cleaning their dorm rooms from floor to ceiling. Needless to say, everyone was excited.

Friday kicked-off Fall Family Weekend and at 3:30 families began to arrive. Shortly after, the Falcon Tennis Team began to play against Neumann University.

By 6:45 there were a lot of laughs coming from Alumnae Theater as Hypnotist Tom DeLuca amazed the audience. There was just enough time to hop over to Samuels Theatre to catch a showing of In Our Sights.

By Saturday there was so much to do. The Bookstore was giving away prizes. There was a Coffee Hour to meet some of the faculty. A Family Fun Run took place on the field hockey field. Bingo Brunch was hosted in the Dining Hall with lots of great prizes.

By 1:00 the fun really began at Fall Festival where music, games, fundraisers, and refreshments filled the afternoon as families enjoyed a memorable day.

“It’s my second time on campus and I actually get to see it this time with my daughter,” said Carol Smith, mother to Vivian

Smith, a freshman Social Work and Psychology double major.


(Back, left to right)Ann Marie Graf, Brandy Lindsey, Charlene Moser, and Linda Lindsey
(Front, left to right) Grace Ann Graf and Laura Jane Moser

“The campus seems very warm and personal, like a close-knit family,” said Patty Smith, aunt to Smith.

“I’m excited to be here to hang out with Pooh,” said Ann Marie Graf, referring to her daughter, Laura Moser, by her

childhood nickname. Laura Moser is a freshman Dance major.

“We’re meeting so many wonderful people here,” said Charlene Moser, mother to Moser.

“She’s introducing us to her best friends, and there are so many best friends,” said Linda Lindsey, aunt to Moser.

We were also lucky enough to catch up with some of our Alumni at Fall Fest, where we met Amanda Blum Freeby, sister to Angela Blum, a junior English major. Freeby, class of 2011, was happy to be back for a visit.

“I love this campus, it’s so pretty here. I love the tone of the campus and I got to show my daughter my brick,” said Freeby.

“I am so happy to be seeing my daughter and enjoy the campus with her. It’s wonderful that they have so many free activities to offer. Parent weekend is a good way to sneak in a check-up, too,” said Clarissa Bell, mother to Kaylyn Bell, a freshman nuclear medicine major.


Kaylyn and Clarissa Bell

There were countless other exhibits and events to enjoy throughout the day and night, such as the Dessert Reception. Musical entertainer Gary Johnson played a unique show and met every demand the challenging crown tried to thwart him with.

Saturday came to an end with a bonfire outside Steinbright Hall, where students and families gathered to roast s’mores, sing campfire songs and tell stories.

Sunday brought Fall Family Weekend to an end with brunch in the dining hall and a showing of Monsters University  in Alumnae Theater.

With this year’s Fall Family Weekend passed, everyone is excited for next year’s.


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