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“In Our Sights” Makes Audiences Think

By Angela Blum

During Fall Family Weekend, Cedar Crest College’s Performing Arts Department put on a production of In Our Sights: Confronting the Issue of Guns in America.

The play is a group of eleven one-act plays that address gun violence in an assortment of situations.

The play’s intention is not to persuade the audience to either support or ban gun ownership as some may think.

In Our Sights is merely another platform in which their audience is motivated to discuss gun violence.

It encourages them to think about the topic while staying neutral.

One of the actors Bryanna Miller, a senior theatre major with a communication minor, felt that the play was well received regardless of the topic.

Miller stated, “There were worries about offending people, even though the play took a neutral standpoint.”

The point of In Our Sights was not about choosing a side and backing it up. All the play set out to do was to get people talking. Conversations about gun laws get tossed around but nothing happens.

No longer can the issue be swept under the rug.


Photo by Erin Cassano


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