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They Are In Your Home

By Emily Orischak, Managing Editor

As the early signs of fall begin to make an appearance, an unwelcome pest begins to show its face in force.

When stinkbugs started appearing, I felt indifferent towards them. It wasn’t until my frequent encounters with these fliers that I started disliking them.

I would just be walking along when suddenly one would bomb me from above, landing in hair, clothes, and once on my mouth.

I had a few months reprieve as the stinkbugs left my house and went out into the woods.

The end of the summer season marks the active seasonal journey of the stinkbug from forests and cornfields to human houses. Climbing under sidings and down chimneys, stinkbugs make your home their home.

Over the last few years, their numbers seem to have exploded since the exceptionally warm year of 2010. Now, billions plague houses all across the country, with no substantial way to stop them.

While certain areas may see only a few of these flying pests, most of the population seems to make my home their base camp. Some weeks we see hundreds of thousands around our property.

And there seems to be no easy solution for exterminating them.

We have professionals come in to spray poison around our home, but it only kills a few thousand, just a dent.

We found that a mixture of dish soap and water can kill stinkbugs, but only through direct contact, an impossible mission during the fall.

And then there is always the vacuum. Stinkbugs that plague the inside of our home often find themselves sucked down our vacuum hose. As easy as that solution is it often comes with a not so pleasant smell afterwards.

While there is talk of introducing natural predators of the bugs into the United States, the stinkbug invasion continues with no reprieve in the foreseeable future, leaving me and others constantly double checking our food in case one of them decides to land in our dinner.



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