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OutThere’s Drag Show

By Gabrielle Johnson, staff writer

Cedar Crest’s OutThere held their biannual drag show on Thursday, Oct. 17. The show, held once a semester in Alumnae Hall’s Little Theater, gives students a chance to explore different outlets of gender expression while having fun and raising funds for a club on campus.

The winner of this semester’s show was the strangely-named group ‘Get the B-tches’, made up of students Amy Folk, Alyssa Clouse, Barbara Colburn, Jessica Minor, and Audrey Graham. The group performed an upbeat boy-band medley composed of several Disney and pop songs.

Folk, a junior Global Studies Major, along with her roommate and best friend Clouse, has participated in almost every drag show (missing one while she studied abroad) since her first semester. The drag show has given her the opportunity to be more outgoing and think about something other than work and school.

“I like it, actually, because I’m usually a very shy person. The drag show is the only thing I do performance-wise that’s really, forgive the pun, out there,” Folk said.

Another student from Cedar Crest, James Hickson, brought tears to the eyes of audience members during his first performance, a number dedicated to his mother who was watching in the audience.

“It was a hard act to follow. He got up and did his thing and we got up and did something completely different, but everyone was supportive.” Folk said about Hickson’s performance.

It’s not unusual for the show to be an emotional roller coaster, with some students choosing emotional songs while others choose to entertain through more comedic means.

Still, the show always wraps up with the free-for-all, a chance for last minute additions from the audience. Students who originally came to watch are encouraged, and sometimes dragged up by friends, to the stage to give their best impromptu performance. There is also the traditional performance of “The Time Warp”, from the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, where quality of choreography is not so important as pelvic-thrusting the audience into insanity.

OutThere is all about expression and being true to yourself, and no other event demonstrates this more than their biannual drag show. Folk, and many other members, believes it offers a chance to grow into oneself that is not often offered by high schools.

“I went to a meeting with someone who didn’t want to go alone and I ended up liking the club and people in it. My high school didn’t have anything like that, so to have everyone be open about themselves is great,” Folk said.

OutThere is the college’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Trans-sexual, Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual (LGBTQIA) club. It was started to create a safe space for students of varying identities and orientations to discuss their lives and the LGBTQIA-related events going on in the world. The club has provided many opportunities to students on campus, including, but not limited to, an annual safe sex workshop, sponsoring speakers on campus and arranging participation for the annual Day of Silence.


Those looking for more information should check out the club on Facebook and OrgSync.



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