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FADED: Advocating Diversity On and Off the Stage

By Laura D’Amato, Staff Writer

            FADED is one of Cedar Crest’s best kept secrets. It stands for Falcons Advocate Diversity Educational Drama. Their lively performances feature improvisational skits that portray situations that college students face on a daily basis. While the shows are kept very lighthearted and entertaining, they take on more serious notes as they show more ardent issues.

Each character takes on an extreme personality in order to best represent what FADED is all about – embracing diversity. Students give their characters detailed background stories and hilarious quirks to build a show that really tries to bring a new message to the audience.

Lindsey Hutterer-Gallagher

            Lindsey Hutterer-Gallagher, a sophomore theater and secondary education double major with a writing concentration, plays Alex Tomaswski in FADED. Her character is a hardcore gamer; although Gallagher’s personality is nothing like her character. She has been involved in FADED for two years and loves being a part of an improv group that not only promotes diversity but shows students that they are never alone when they are experiencing common college issues.

Breonna Lewis

            Breonna Lewis is a junior biochemistry major with a concentration in forensics and a minor in criminal justice. She plays Deena Robertson, a transfer student that has dealt with a lot of change in her life and, in turn, has caused her to have a hard time making decisions. This is Lewis’ first semester in FADED. When the cast portrayed issues that had to do with racism, it really hit home for Lewis because of her own experience with this issue. She is proud to help inform her peers about diversity through FADED, especially as she tries to prevent racism from remaining a recurring issue.

Angela Blum

Angela Blum is a junior English major with a concentration in writing. Her character is Cassandra Alsmith, a privileged student that is trying to step out of the shadow of her three successful older brothers but is actually going about it the wrong way and is having trouble fitting in. It is Blum’s first semester in FADED, and she was happy to find that she could finally fit FADED into her schedule and be a part of bringing awareness and diversity.

Maria Vincent

            Maria Vincent, a junior psychology and social work double major, plays Ava Aiken in FADED. Her character is socially awkward and has a wild imagination. For Ava Aiken, things may not always go her way, but she has the best of intentions. This is Vincent’s third year with FADED. As a college student she has seen roommate issues similar to what FADED has shown. Vincent loves how FADED brings so many different personalities into the performances in order to truly reflect the diversity on a college campus.

Turner Vasil

            Turner Vasil is a junior English major and plays Chris Blunder in FADED. His character is a socially awkward nursing student. Everyone thinks Chris Blunder is gay, but he just has trouble showing who he really is. This is Vasil’s first semester in FADED. He is happy to be a part of a program that promotes diversity and helps students realize that communication is very important to be aware of the issues around them.

Samantha Korpics

Samantha Korpics is a senior genetic engineering major. She plays Laci Sharp in FADED. Laci Sharp is an art therapy major and is introverted in social situations. Her father was seriously injured in 9/11 and as a result, her family became very religious. Once Sharp was in college she rebelled and went through drug abuse and rehabilitation as well as self-harm and break-ups. Korpics has been involved in FADED for four years. She sees FADED as an opportunity for diversity on campus.

Amanda Pattison

            Amanda Pattison is a senior genetic engineering major. Her character is Tiffany Goldstein in FADED. Tiffany Goldstein is Jewish, and her family is far away in Florida. Since she has been going through a lot of personal issues, she comes off as mean to her peers. This is Pattison’s first semester in FADED. She was always a fan of FADED and was happy to join this year. In her experience she knows how personalities can clash, especially in an all-women’s college, and she loves that FADED tries to represent all of these personalities.

Carly Athanasatos

            Carly Athanasatos is a senior social work major and a co-director of FADED. Her character is Joy Davis, who grew up religious and somewhat prejudiced then rebelled in college, getting mixed up with drugs and a bad boyfriend. Athanasatos has been in FADED for three years. At first she loved how funny FADED was, then saw how well they advocated diversity and reflected her own values about diversity. As a co-director of FADED, Athanasatos works to put together the best possible cast. “We really look for someone who maybe can put on a good show but is also representative of us off stage,” said Athanasatos.

Becca Lowe

            Becca Lowe, a senior social work major with a certificate in child welfare, plays Courtney Pierson. Courtney Pierson is a Mormon who grew up in a Polygamous home in Salt Lake City. She broke off an arranged marriage and is now a graduate student and Hall Director at Falcon College. Lowe joined FADED four years ago to be a part of a group she found funny and cool. Since she started co-directing with Athanasatos, they have tried to bring FADED to the next level. They are striving to reach out to the campus community as much as possible as well as build a strong bond throughout the cast to make FADED the be the best it can be.


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