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Study Abroad On the Rise

By Angela Blum, Staff Writer

Look around you. Cedar Crest College prides itself on the significant diversities within its student population, which is strengthened through the study abroad program here on campus.

The amount of students attending our College is rapidly increasing. This semester alone we have welcomed two students from Korea, twelve students from Saudi Arabia, one student from Cameroon, one student from Barbados, as well as various other international students.

Cedar Crest’s study abroad program has really taken off. This previous summer, six students went to Seoul, South Korea as part of an exchange program.

The program was based on a two to one ratio. For every two students we sent, we received one student in exchange. But we are not only increasing in the amount of students coming in.

The number of Cedar Crest students taking the opportunity to study in other countries is increasing exponentially in the last three years. Last year, at least 52 students studied abroad for an academic program.

Some took the opportunity to spend an entire semester abroad, while others stuck with summer programs or trips during spring break, including the Nursing Department’s trip to London, England; and the Living Learning Communities trip to Costa Rica.

The increase of students participation is due to the excitement studying abroad alights in others. They hear first hand stories from their classmates, and the energy is contagious.

The main obstacle for studying abroad is lack of funds, but there are a handful of grants and scholarships that are designated for students studying abroad. However, these scholarships are limited.

The Gilman Scholarship is one example, but it is only eligible for students with a Pell Grant.

Jenny Weatherford is constantly trying to make more funds available to students. She strives to get more students involved in the opportunity of a lifetime.

“One of the advantages of Cedar Crest is that we are much more flexible in terms of study abroad than a lot of other schools,” Weatherford said.

Cedar Crest students have a wide assortment of programs to choose from and are not limited to a few prime locations. They are allowed to go on programs through other schools as well as outside programs.

The locations that students can choose are spread pretty evenly across the globe, but students tend to stick to the English speaking world. Weatherford finds that students are more reluctant to go to countries that do not speak English.

However, Weatherford urges students to not let this hinder them. Most programs are set up primarily in English and are designed to teach students the native language.

There are programs in Germany, China, and many other countries that are willing to work with English speaking students, which gives students the opportunity to begin studying a language.

Weatherford concludes , “Every student ought to take advantage of [study abroad]. It is an experience that is life changing in ways that students cannot imagine until they’ve done it.”

To read about students who studied abroad, click here.


One comment on “Study Abroad On the Rise

  1. study abroad
    March 11, 2014

    “Every student ought to take advantage of [study abroad]. It is an experience that is life changing in ways that students cannot imagine until they’ve done it.”


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