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“The Cover of Life” Play

By Paula Wesson, Managing Editor

This is the second year that the Cedar Crest Stage Company performed a play about military wives. “The Cover of Life,” which ran from Nov. 7-10, 2013, had a different tone than “Silent Heroes,” performed in November 2012.

While the wives in “Silent Heroes” supported each other, the wives in “The Cover of Life” are constantly arguing.

Cover of Life Cast

Cast Photo taken by Samantha McMaster

Before the Second World War, three women married three brothers. When the war started, the brothers decided to enlist in the army, the navy, and the air force. Their wives moved in with their mother-in-law, Aunt Ola, played by Rebecca Engborg.

Weetsie, played by Emmeline Knowlan, tries to keep the household together, but the situation is difficult for all of them.  In an attempt to cope, they share the letters from their husbands.

Their story makes its way to the editor of “Life” magazine, who wishes to feature them in an upcoming issue. Journalist Kate Miller, played by Audrey Graham, joins the already crowded household.

Kate says that the editor is pulling strings to bring the husbands home early, but it is not enough to ease the women’s pain.

Tood, played by Sarah Slaw Kiewe, opens Sybil’s mail because it is not marked with a heart, the wives’ symbol for privacy.  Unfortunately, the letter should have been kept private. It detailed her husband’s affair.

At first, Sybil, played by Jaclyn DeCarlo, seems to accept this news. As she says, they are a “modern couple.”

The next letter is too much for her to handle: Sybil learns that her husband’s lover is pregnant. Since Sybil is infertile, she blames the affair on herself and takes her own life.

Kate’s article has already been sent to “Life,” and she is unable to stop the publishing.

Tood’s husband, Tommy, played by Doug Ace, arrives home to a less than joyous homecoming. Tood and Tommy argue about what to do with the money she’s been saving.

As shown by “The Cover of Life” and “Silent Heroes”, being a military wife is hard work. Behind many veterans was a strong woman holding the household together.


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