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“Thor: The Dark World” Movie Review

By Gabrielle Johnson, Staff Writer

I’m a fan of Marvel. I have been since I first saw the original “X-men” cartoon as a child, and I continued to be even after “X-men,” when “The Last Stand” and “Ironman 2” were released. Not the company’s best moments, but I’ve stuck with them thus far and have never been too disappointed. So when I went to the movie theatre to see “Thor: The Dark World,” I expected a dark film about two estranged brothers being forced to navigate their relationship and defeat the invading dark elves.

I was disappointed mostly, but not in a bad way.

Without getting too spoiler-y I can say that the sequel to Thor was enjoyable, offering a more self-aware humor than was found in the original. The film does not take itself too seriously, and it can only be assumed the production crew took the audience response to the first movie into consideration as they filmed its sequel.

The acting is good. The cast has gotten used to working with each other and the dynamic between the main characters has improved, especially between Thor and Loki, played by Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, respectively. Hiddleston is a scene-stealer, he brings to the screen a dry humor that leaves the audience laughing, all without losing the complexity of his character in the more dramatic scenes. He livens up scenes that could easily become boring, and I had the feeling that many in the audience stuck around for his performance.

The effects were enjoyable as well. I’m not a big fan of computer-generated imagery (CGI), usually preferring the directors to at least attempt to film a scene without it, but it was not as distracting in this film as it usually is to me. It’s understandable that scenes meant to take place in another realm would require a bit of touching up to look less like ours. And no one goes into a Marvel film expecting no special effects.

The biggest negative was the plot. Marvel is not known for its movie cohesiveness (I’m looking at you, “Wolverine: Origins”) and “The Dark World” is no different. The “main” villain, played by Christopher Eccleston, didn’t seem very “main” at all. I got the feeling the only reason he was there was to prevent the film from devolving into the same brother versus brother plot that the original Thor had, which was possibly a mistake, considering the scenes that I enjoyed most were the ones where Thor and Loki interacted. The plot was, frankly, uninteresting, and I was sad to see an actor like Eccleston, known for playing the ninth Doctor on “Doctor Who,” get cast to the wayside.

If you’re a fan of Marvel, especially of the “Avengers” and all the movies similar, then see the film. You’re probably going through some type of withdrawal since “Ironman 3” came out, and you will definitely appreciate seeing some of the characters again. If you’re not a fan, you can skip it – you won’t miss anything.


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