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Using Animals: How Wrong Are We?

By Haley Triolo, Staff Writer

Hamburgers, milkshakes, scrambled eggs and ham steaks.

Humans have been eating meat and using animal byproducts for centuries. Cows exist as perhaps the most versatile living resource in the eyes of its human beneficiaries: We’ve created an entire section in our food pyramid dedicated to dairy alone. Eggs continue to be a reliable source of protein, and entrees without meat of any kind remain a minority in restaurants, cultural traditions, and individual minds.

While we continue to exploit the remainder of Earth’s inhabitants on a daily basis, nobody of significant importance has yet to ask the main, underlying question.

Why are we, the most intelligent species on the planet, consciously adopting the role of the oppressor?

Traditionally, human beings have fought for their food since the prehistoric era, when we had to hunt for protection, clothing, and—most importantly—to live. Eating meat is something we’ve always done and will continue to do. However, it seems as though this tradition is outdated: The human race has become evolved enough to stop relying on animals.

With such high advances in medicine and technology, we truly don’t need to rely on or kill animals like we used to. Today, our external threat has moved from animals to ourselves, all of our clothes are made in developing countries, and we’re genetically modifying the vast majority of our food anyway. The hunter has become the scientist.

Still, we continue to rely on the principles of tradition, the media, and, ultimately, the government to tell us what (or who) we should eat.

Golden Rule #1:

Never trust the government.

Societies worldwide continue to abuse animals’ intelligence by funding the factory farming system and by ignoring global warming, widespread disease, and the holocaust of land animals.

Golden Rule #2:

Question everything.

In the era of reform, where religion no longer dictates our collective way of life and where gay marriage, marijuana, and gender equality are becoming recognized and/or legal, it’s time to finally address who and what we eat.


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