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Spoiler Alert: Hannibal S2E1 Kaiseki Review

By Takevia Dennie, Staff Writer

The season two premiere of Hannibal opened with an incredibly jaw dropping fight scene between Jack and Hannibal. It was so intense that I was rocking back and forth in my chair and internally freaking out. I was silently rooting for Jack in my head, and when he started asphyxiating Hannibal, I actually started cheering out loud. Of course, that did not last very long, and the injury that Jack received in turn has me wondering if he is going to survive this season.

At the end of season one, we saw how psychologically damaged Will Graham really was in that crying scene that broke me to pieces. In “Kaiseki,” we see Will, who is now in a psychiatric hospital, has a much clearer head, and is desperately trying to reclaim the memories of Hannibal’s transgressions against him. In one particularly intense flashback that Will experiences, we see exactly how Hannibal shoved Abigail’s ear down Will’s throat, which explains how Will coughed it up into his sink in “Savoureux.”  

Dr. Du Maurier also reemerges this season when Hannibal goes to see her to ask whether he should visit Will in the hospital. She tells him that he is obsessed with Will. The meeting ends, however, with Hannibal threatening Dr. Maurier to keep their secrets.

Another surprising twist was the scene where Jack told Hannibal that he was the “new Will Graham” and invited him to help work on a case. A man and his coworker were working on a dam and one of them started poking what he thought were dead beavers but turned out to be several discarded human bodies coated in resin.  A new killer is preserving bodies in resin for some sort of sadistic art instillation. In the last scene we see the “color palette” that Will told Beverly about with the newest victim right in the middle of it.

The opening episode has emerged full-force, leaving viewers begging for more.  If the season continues in this direction, with unexpected twists and tales of horror, then my bet is on a boost in ratings.


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