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Cedar Beach Park Welcomes Local Artists

By Victoria Brobst, Staff Writer

The first Allentown ArtsFest took place at Cedar Beach Park September 12-14.

There were tents containing artwork from various visual and performing artists: from woodwork to metal, paintings, jewelry, and even construction. Children and adults decorated the path with doodles done with sidewalk chalk.

Local and outside artists graffitied free-standing walls which will be installed in Allentown after ArtsFest as a memory of the event.

Each day there were different performances featuring local musicians and dancers across a spectrum of genres. The Nitschmann Step Team, from Nitschmann Middle School of Bethlehem, performed twice on Saturday. The Mad Road artists offered a unique music and live art experience. 4AM in Thailand presented improvisational comedy.

Visitors enjoyed snacks from the variety of food trucks on the park’s large green lawn. Many raved over Fresh Egyptian Cuisine, Belgian Pommes Frites, and Big Poppa’s Backyard BBQ, and flavored funnel cakes by Apple Frankie’s.

On Sunday, the tennis and basketball courts served as a stage for a skateboard tournament sponsored by Bethlehem-located skate shop, Homebase. The festival brought attention to skateboarding as an art.

The 2014 ArtsFest was an excellent source of entertainment, community gathering, and opportunity for artists. For more information and links visit:


Victoria Brobst/Crestiad                                          Artist tents line the walkway of Cedar Beach Park.


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