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Taylor Named Interim Athletic Director

By Rebekkah Parsons, Staff Writer


On August 25, 2014, student-athletes were informed that athletic director Lisa McGuirk accepted a position at a Division II school. McGuirk was the second athletic director to leave in a 4 year span.

Tyrone “Ty” Taylor, basketball and cross country coach, is the interim Athletic Director.

Taylor told the athletes what he had planned for the upcoming sports seasons, what he hoped to see, and encouraged the athletes to support one another and to look to each other and the coaches for guidance.

Taylor  declined to comment on his new role.

For senior tennis player, Olga Cauble, this news was something that she has heard before.

“I’ve had three athletic directors and I don’t like the change because it effects the relationships that we have with them” Cauble said. “I think that Ty will work hard and improve athletics in the best way that he can. I hope that he can help us gain a stronger appreciation for what we do as both students and athletes on campus.”

This change not only affects the athletic department but also recruitment at Cedar Crest.

Josh Tehonica, an admissions counselor who works closely with athletics, was able to offer a few words about this change. “I think Coach Taylor will continue the excellent work the athletic department has put in with their recruitment efforts over the years.”

“This is my first change during my time here at Cedar Crest, I hope that Coach Taylor continues to bring the focus on the athletes,” shared Greg Vossler, Cedar Crest Falcons head swimming coach.

Vossler sees this change as a positive thing. “Being a Division III school our job is to help them grow as athletes and people and from what I’ve seen so far is [Ty] wants to continue that focus. I came here to work for Lisa, but I have gotten to know Ty on a very personal level and I have seen he can accomplish anything he wants to when he gets dedicated to a cause. He’s dedicated and wants to accomplish a lot, which in my opinion is great.”


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