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Wild Wild Crest Family Weekend

By Victoria Brobst, Staff Writer

From Oct. 3 through Oct. 5, Cedar Crest welcomes staff, students, and their families for crafts, food, and entertainment at Fall Family Weekend. This year’s theme is “Wild Wild Crest.”

To match the Western theme, activities on Saturday included mechanical bull riding, zip-lining, old-time photos, and horse-back riding. The Performing Arts Department performed “Cowgirls” and Dining Services provided barbecue cuisine.

Lauren Condon, Director of Student Activities, says about 750 to 1000 people are expected to attend. “There are more people this year,” noted Condon, “It works out because the athletic teams are home, and there are more families in town.”

Even though Saturday was overcast with a high of 66°F, Condon said there was a good turnout.

Nicole Dyer, mother of sophomore Symone Dyer, agreed. “We love the theme this year,” said Dyer, “there is so much to do. The weather this year is actually nice. Last year it was too hot!”

Victoria Brobst/Crestiad The Dyer Family went to the old-time photo booth which included Wild West-themed costumes.

Victoria Brobst/Crestiad
The Dyer Family went to the old-time photo booth which included Wild West-themed costumes.

The family and boyfriend of freshman Aiyana Allanson also felt it was fun and that there were lots to do. The Allansons enjoyed many of the club-hosted crafts, such as cacti-decorating and henna tattoos.

Faculty also came out to support the event. “This was the first year I’ve really come out, and it’s been fun,” said Dr. LuAnn Fletcher, Ph.D., Chair of the Department of History, Literature, and Languages. “I enjoyed supporting clubs such as Preterite at the tent event.”

Condon is very pleased with the results of a year’s worth of planning and organizing. “Right after this, we plan the next one. We start by picking a theme, gathering information and opinion from surveys, and then contacting entertainment and Clubs, “ Condon explained.

Fall Family weekend will continue into Sunday. Visit for a schedule of events.


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