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Introducing CCCYouAre

By Regan Mitchell, Staff Writer

Students in the Nutrition 115: Eating Disorders and Weight Management class created CCCYouAre, a Twitter and Instagram project designed to support positive self-image.

Nutrition 115 is a one credit class run by Professor Kati Fosselius, director of the Dietetic Internship Program. The class teaches about warning signs of eating disorders and how disorders are diagnosed.

Students in the course look at society’s role, such as promotion of dangerous diets through magazines. They are encouraged to instead look for healthy and safe ways to lose weight.

Because of the unhealthy messages published by magazines, the students set up CCCYouAre to encourage more positive attitudes about the body and to help chip away at weight stigma.

Stephanie Kershner said, “CCCYouAre to me is our way of trying to combat the negativity and toxicity of today’s culture. We are trying to encourage [members of] our campus to build each other up and promote positivity.”

Kershner, one of the class’s social media coordinators, added that the class chose Twitter and Instagram for CCCYouAre because they thought they would reach the most students through this format as well as provide an enjoyable social media aspect to it.

On Oct. 3, 2014, the project released fliers for their compliment challenge. The compliment challenge involves posting a selfie with something positive about yourself attached followed by tagging three friends. Students are encouraged to tag the projects page as well as use the hashtag CCCYouAre.

The compliment challenge led up to the premiere on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014.

Paula Wesson/Crestiad Cars outside Butz were tagged with sticky notes advertising CCCYouAre.

Paula Wesson/Crestiad
On Oct.7, cars outside Butz were tagged with sticky notes advertising CCCYouAre.

Tuesday’s premiere included the covering of mirrors as well as a social media aspect. In an attempt to reach students that aren’t plugged into social media, sticky notes were placed on cars.

When asked how she thinks this will benefit the campus, Kershner replied, “I think this project will benefit the campus by encouraging our students to look for the glass half full. It is easy to dwell on the negative side of things when that is the norm. The old saying is true, ‘misery loves company.’ However, we are trying to challenge the norm and set a new, positive alternative.”

Fosselius hopes for the same but also hopes that the project can be a kick off for a positive body image club that will be created to help keep the message rolling.

Students that are interested in the club can contact Professor Fosselius at for more information.


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