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Cause and Effects of the Freshman Class Size

By Rakia Otoo, Staff Writer

This year, Cedar Crest College opened its doors to 170 freshmen, the biggest freshmen class in 5 school years.

According Zhanttal Castro, an Admissions Ambassador at Cedar Crest, the increase in students is due to rigorous traveling done by admission counselors. Castro added that there were an increased number of high school visits, transfer student visits, and campus visits.

Mary-Alice Ozechoski, Vice President of Student Affairs and Traditional Enrollment, said the incoming class represents a larger geographic demographic than past classes, including students from as far west as California and as far south as Florida.

Residence Life coordinator Lynn Pigliacampi said, “[Residence Life] initiated the distance floor [in response to] the increase in students coming from further away.” The distance floor is a designated floor where out-of-state students live together so that they have people to be around, when the local students go home.

Pigliacampi added that Residence Life prepared for the large class size in other ways. She stated, “Residence Life has also revamped their Resident Assistant Program Model to have fun programming to increase the feeling of community in the residence halls.”

Some students, however, are feeling crowded.

Freshman Amy Webster said, “Some things feel less personal. I am in some classes that are bit bigger than I expected they would be here at Cedar Crest. I expected the class sizes to be smaller in size and have a little bit of that one-on-one with my professors.”

To other students, it seems like the size of the freshman class is actually a positive and helping the college.

Senior Fatima Smith said, “Personally, I think it is a good look for Cedar Crest. I am not affected by the number of classmen at all.”

In 2011, when Smith was a first-year student, there were only 120 new students. This is a 40% increase in freshmen.

Webster admitted there is a positive to the larger class size. She said, “It is actually pretty pleasant to have plenty of fellow freshmen that I can relate to.”


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