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Cedar Crest Falcons Tennis Ends a Challenging Season

By Alida Reyes, Social Media Manager

After a season of high expectations and incredible challenges, the Cedar Crest Falcons Tennis Team finishes their season with an away game against Gwynedd Mercy.

Sophomores Jamie Wojciechowski and Emily Bryk finished 8-1 at number 1 doubles. At number 2 doubles with a devastating score of 8-2, Senior Olga Cauble and Junior Kyleen Sisson placed at number 2. Rakia Otoo and Taylor Doran toughen through a rough match, but finally fell 8-4 at number 3 singles.

In singles action, the team continued to battle the high performing and extremely well prepared Gwynedd Mercy’s Griffins. Yet, with the exception of Otoo’s astonishing come back on her number 3 singles managing winning scores of 6-4, 6-2, 10-8, the scores remained unfavorable.

This loss culminates the Falcons season with an overall record of 7-9.

“The schools we face are very talented. [Therefore], we worked hard to improve our games and set goals as team,” says sophomore Rebekkah Parsons. In reference to the challenges they faced this season, Parsons added, “The key to our success was maintaining positive attitudes.”

Although not exceeding the expectations for this season, the relatively young team worked exhaustingly and placed themselves in a firm 6th position within a very challenging conference.

“We [must] go into the season optimistically as well as realistically”, says assistant coach Amy Frey. “As a former captain of the team, players and I hold a mutual respect. I am proud of their overall performance.”

For Seniors Olga Cauble and Rakia Otoo, this game was their last game as Cedar Crest Falcons.

“I have mixed feelings about leaving. Of course I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life outside of college, but it will be also hard not seeing my friends everyday”, Cauble explains.

To commemorate their teammates, the Falcons made posters, decorated the courts and exchanged presents.

“Our team functions like a family, it is sad to see them go, but I look forward to the new experiences in the year to come”, Frey says about the graduating teammates.

Alida Reyes/Crestiad The Falcons Tennis team "functions like a family" according to coach Amy Frey.

Alida Reyes/Crestiad
The Falcons Tennis team “functions like a family,” according to coach Amy Frey.


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