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Muslim Student Association Returns to Cedar Crest

By Rakia Otoo, Staff Writer

Muslim Student Association, or MSA for short, has returned as an active student organization.

The MSA wants to end the post-9/11 stigma that is tied to Islam and educate people on what the religion truly is. The club’s purpose is to bring awareness about Muslims to the college community. Muslims and non-Muslims can join the club to have open dialogues with each other.

Amira Mahmoud, a sophomore at Cedar Crest, helped to organize the club’s return.

Mahmoud stated, “I think the campus, students, and the staff would benefit from [MSA]. As humans, we tend to focus on what makes us all different, the MSA will be a place where we can celebrate those differences but also see and celebrate our similarities as inhabitants of the college, and in a broader sense, the world.”

Many students are very excited about the reinstatement of MSA.

Anwar Alsulami, a sophomore exchange student from Saudi Arabia, says,“I have to attend more meetings so I can have more of feel of the club but it’s really great that makes me feel like I am back at home. I am used to having the presence of Islam around me and that is what is missing at Cedar Crest. I feel like the Muslim Student Association is definitely filling it.”

Non-Muslim students can also appreciate the club’s return.

Senior Brittany Dalbow states, “I love it. I think it provides a safe space for people to fully embrace and celebrate their religion. I also think it allows for others to be properly educated concerning the Muslim faith. I, myself, am a part of the club and I am excited to see all that it can accomplish.”

Meetings are Friday at 3pm in the Multicultural Center. Everyone is welcome.


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