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How Old is Too Old for Halloween?

By Abigail Ormiston, Staff Writer

There is no exact age limit on Halloween, according to many students around the high school and college ages.

Sophomore Bria Boyd said, “Everyone is allowed to express themselves however they want. Everyone has their passion and for some that’s Halloween.”

Jazmine Jones, 19, also expressed her feelings about Halloween.

“You’re never too old for Halloween. My grandmother, who is 83 years old, still dresses up. I dress up and celebrate it with my younger siblings. But, I also do it for myself. It’s an enjoyable holiday!” explained Jones.

Most young adults would say they go trick or treating with their younger siblings or even nieces and nephews, but they still love the spirit of Halloween.

Boyd shared that she also loves to dress up for Halloween. “I love to dress up and have fun doing it because it shows that just because you grow up that doesn’t mean you have to stop expressing yourself or hide the kid inside you. But one of my absolute favorite things about Halloween is the movie marathons!”

Some parents, however, showed concern that there should be an age limit on celebrating Halloween.

Elizabeth Berger said that once you are in high school going trick or treating is no longer acceptable.

“As someone that hands out candy, if I see a group of older kids come up to my door, I get a little worried that they aren’t up to any good. I also worry for the little ones. The only exception would be if someone younger was with them,” Berger explained.

Other adults expressed the same opinions that the “bigger kids” may pose a threat to those younger than them, for either stealing younger kids’ candy.



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