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Student Government Association (SGA) Column: 11/13/2014

By Renee Tedder, SGA Public Relations Manager

The intention of the SGA is to create real and meaningful change at our college through being the collective voice of the students. We represent all of the students on campus and bring their issues to the different departments and department heads. By doing this, we collectively can provide the students with correct information on questions they have and find solutions to the issues that are important to our current population of students.
One of the issues that was resolved recently was students finding themselves lacking in printing funds due to certain professors, usually associated with particular majors, asking for large amounts of paper to be printed. It was asked that printing services consider increasing the limit, as it was assumed that the cost came directly from student’s tuition. After talking to printing services, SGA found that the money comes from the printing services budget and students are given 800 pages free each year. It was also discussed that students that have extra funds transfer to those students that need more. Students should ask friends and classmates for help if they need to print more. SGA also encourages professors to try to accept assignments digitally, which would reduce the amount of required printing to decrease the burden on the students and the environment.
The senators recently went to the Senator Retreat hosted by the SGA. This on-campus retreat is a period where the senators get introduced to their e-board, learn about what they do, learn about Robert’s Rules of Order, and learn what it really means to be a senator. The event was a great success and we hope to make it even better next year.
Our meetings are held in the 1867 room of the TCC on Wednesdays at 6:15pm. All students are welcome to attend and those that cannot attend can catch up on the meeting with our live feed on twitter @cccstudgov. Students can also add to our discussion by emailing us at, commenting on our Facebook page Cedar Crest College SGA, or talking to one of our senators.

Sarah Boonie and Troy Kidd contributed to this column.


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