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FYS Student Works

By Noalani Hendricks, Staff Writer, and Paula Wesson, Managing Editor

The First Year Experience, 2014 fall lecture series, is coming to a close.

FYS 112

On Tuesday, Nov. 18, FYS 112 students published a YouTube video titled “A Beginner’s Guide to Trans* Health.” Students Tara McCurry, Ashley Cole, and Nicole Raimondi created the video as part of an advocacy assignment.

The thirteen minute video begins with an introduction to gender identity and progresses into a description of surgical options available for those who “want to feel more at home in their bodies.” The video ends with a reminder to ask others what their preferred gender pronouns are.

On Wednesday, Nov. 19, another group of FYS 112 students presented on honeybee preservation.

Other students from FYS 112 will be displaying their advocacy projects in the TCC on Monday, Nov. 24, and Tuesday, Nov. 25.

FYS 118

On Thursday, Nov. 20, FYS 118 students gave presentations on the Psychology of Sleep at Whitehall High School. Presenters included Tamara Drake, Nathalie Castano, Frances Atiles, Destinee Gradwell, Kizzy Kuhn, Taylor Marshall, Sheila Plamenco, Renee Moyer, Constance Selinsky, Deja Lewis, and Kristen Payes.

FYS 116

On Friday, Nov. 21,  FYS 116 class presented the first audio tour of Cedar Crest campus, “A Journey Through Cedar Crest”, directed towards the first year student audience.

Esosa Oghide, Kiarra Smith, and Mariangela Estevez presented a PowerPoint presentation on the gist of the course, The Importance of Place, and audio tour project.

Due to the cold weather, the audio tour was played inside Oberkotter. There were seven stops on the tour that explore the history, traditions, lore, and ecology of campus.

Two brochures were created to supplement audio, one for “A Journey Through Cedar Crest” and another only for the “3-Stop Arboretum Experience.”

There is a possibility that the FYS audio tour will be expanded and revised to become an official audio tour of campus for first year students 2015.

Recorded audio can be found here.




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