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SGA Column: 11/19/2014

By Sarah Boonie, SGA Senator

On Wednesday, Nov. 12, SGA heard a report from Secretary, Eva Barrett, regarding an alignment between the EZ Pay Schedule and Students Pay schedule. We learned there has been only one month that students were given a late fee because the pay date was more than 5-7 days after the payment due date. Student Financial Services confirmed they will collaborate with students in regards to payments. The due date for payments has been on the 20th for many years now and there will be no adjustment in this system. A Human Resources representative is willing to have open communication with Student Financial Services in regards to students being late on their payments. Students are paid every four weeks; consequently, they are encouraged to learn good budgeting skills. Human Resources affirmed they cannot go back to paying students on a bi-weekly basis, however, are willing to work with the students’ needs as to having a set date for “pay day.”

All students are encouraged to attend an open discussion forum of this week’s new business regarding the inclusivity of our campus towards LGBTQ students. Please feel free to ask questions and add your comments to this or any other topics you think need attention. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, November 19th at 6:15pm in the 1867. Remember, “Your College, Your Voice.”


Troy Kidd and Renee Tedder contributed to this column.


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