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Why I’m Glad I Chose Cedar Crest

By Rebekkah Parsons, staff writer

We have all gone through it, spending hours flipping through the large stack of college brochures, trying to determine where we would be going after high school graduation.

As I was doing this daunting task, tired of hearing the same old phrases from all colleges, I came across the words “Cedar Crest empowers students to become strong and inspiring leaders.” I began to consider it as one of my options and tried to figure out what would be the best path for me.

Honestly, if someone would have told me my junior year of high school that I would be attending an all-women college in order to pursue my post-secondary education, I probably would have laughed. I probably would have told them that they were crazy. Yet, here I am.

Today, all-women colleges are rare. Many people do not understand the opportunity that these schools offer. All-women colleges encourage women to find their voice in a society driven by males, inspired women by other women and allow women to work together as a team to fight for equality in life and respect that women deserve.

At first, I was indifferent about the school; I loved some parts and then others were not what I expected. There was many times throughout my freshman year that I said I wanted to transfer, but after I sat and thought about it I realized that I had all I needed right here.

It’s status as an all-women college was not the reason I chose Cedar Crest. In fact, that would have been the last reason as to why I chose to attend.

I chose Cedar Crest for me.

I chose Cedar Crest because I liked what it had to offer: a great academic program, the opportunity to play a sport that I love and the small campus where I get to know everyone.

As my journey here continues, I realize that attending an all-women college offers so much more than just a quality education. It offers me an opportunity to become educated about the feminism, ongoing issues of sexism and, most importantly, how to work for and achieve my dreams in a male-dominated society.

I’ve discovered that all-women colleges breed open-mindedness and confidence in young women, giving them a dignified place in the world today. All-women colleges, especially Cedar Crest, empowers women to become leaders, to fight for what they want and to be the best that they could possibly be.

I am attending college to focus on my academics, not to worry about impressing a guy or attending a party every night of the week.

Slowly, the all-women part of the school grew on me. Now, it is something that rarely even comes to mind when I am asked about the school. Yes, there are not a lot of men here, but I am receiving the best education possible.

Cedar Crest College is an amazing college with advantages that can barely compare to a co-ed school. I am being taught how to think in a way that benefits me, as a woman in our society. I am being taught leadership skills that will only make life easier. I am being encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and to try new things.

My journey at Cedar Crest would be nothing without every part of my experience. The academics are amazing, but being a part of the athletic program has really made a difference in my life. I have created a family here on campus and would never change that opportunity.

The ladies on the tennis team with me are my sisters. We push each other to do our best, fight for what we believe in and create memories with each other. I have learned that the bond of a family is stronger than any other bond and that, as long as you let them, they will always be there for you.

As a member of the tennis team, I have had the opportunity to speak with potential students about our school. I have been able to encourage others to join the journey that is offered by this wonderful school. I have been able to use social media to get others excited about what makes Cedar Crest a great school to attend.

Coming to Cedar Crest was the best decision that I could make. I have created a family, equipped with other athletes, my classmates, the coaches and the staff, that will last a life time.

Cedar Crest is a great place for woman in a society dominated by men to find their voice. It empowers us to become leaders.


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