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Introducing Dr. Christine Carpino,

By Michelle Chavez, Staff Writer
The college is always improving and changing, including bringing in new professors.
On Tuesday, Nov. 18, there was a meeting to ask Dr. Christine Carpino, Ph.D., the new Political Science professor, questions about anything, from the classes she will be teaching in the Spring to her professional pursuits and why she got into the field in the first place.
The adoption of the new political science professor will be good, according to Dr. LuAnn Fletcher, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of History, Literature, and Languages. The program lacked a full time faculty member, with the classes being taught by adjuncts.
With the new professor, more developments can be made within the political science major, as well as within the other majors.
When asked about what Carpino can bring to the program, Carpino said she brings an interdisciplinary approach to the program. She wants the global studies and political science department to work together and be more interwoven together, as well as the history and health science departments.
Students believe this will have a positive effect on all the programs and majors.
Global studies major Destinee Gradwell said that it helps to bring different perspectives to the major and opens up a lot of different discussions.
In regards to Carpino’s desire to interweave the programs together, Gradwell said, “To be in politics, one should be globally aware. Along the same lines, a major in Global studies should have an understanding of politics, starting with our country and how we interact with other political systems around the world. This will only help supplement that goal.”
Gradwell also feels that Carpino will help bring the political science program up to date and attract new students.
Of course, Carpino expects students from other majors to take some Political Science classes to support their major. One skill she gave as an example is to apply what you know and summarize it.
Carpino said, “When you have a politician who has fifteen minutes to hear what the legislation is about, you can’t just read the whole legislation. Instead, you have to summarize the content for the politician to know what the law is about, and if they should vote for or against it. The same concept applies to science majors who have to write an abstract. You have to learn how to summarize the whole report down to 250 words or so.”
Carpino will be offering two courses in the Spring semester, American Political Thought (PSC 251) and American Public Policy (PSC 210).
American Political Thought will be a course that will focus on texts and theories on democracy. Carpino said that the course “is going to focus on how we think about ourselves and how it affects us now.”
The other course, American Public Policy, is going to be taught in a seminar style, which will focus on current events and how we analyze the news and policy for use.
Carpino explained, “This course is going to be more hands on. I’m hoping to have each student get a certain topic that they update us on ever class,” which will help students condense information and start using the skills both in the major and outside of it.
If there are any questions about how she teaches, Fletcher helps quell those doubts. Fletcher said that Carpino is not only intelligent and charismatic, traits that the college hopes to instill in the students that attend Cedar Crest, but she is also very good at teaching and engaging her students.
Her ability to teach is one of the reasons Carpino decided to come to Cedar Crest, which puts a big focus on the classroom. The focus on the classroom, as well as the need for an updated Political Science program, certainly drew her in, but what really made her feel welcomed here was the students.
Carpino is excited to teach in the spring and would love to talk to any student who is thinking of adding political science as either their major or for students interested in taking her classes. Her email is


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