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OMG, It’s Ebola?!!!

By Rakia Otoo, Staff Writer

For the last couple months, there has been one thing that people have been talking about—Ebola. I have heard about it in class, around campus, and especially on the news.
Many people just do not know what Ebola is.
When I asked several people on campus if they knew exactly what Ebola was, there were people that only knew of the hysteria behind it.
I asked also people if they were scared of the Ebola virus ever coming on campus. Many people were honest and said the news and on social media made them very scared and more alert of their surroundings.
Many admitted that they did not bother to research what Ebola was. I wondered why no one had done any research. Why are they just going off what they hear on social media?
So, I did the research for myself.
As part of my HLT 201 class, I went to the Allentown Health Bureau,  where I learned about Ebola and other communicable diseases.
Ebola is a rare and deadly disease caused by an infection with a virus from the Filoviridae family. Filoviridae can cause severe hemorrhagic fever in humans and non human primates. There are only two members of this family: the Marburg virus and the Ebola virus.
The Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Viruses are particles of nucleic acids, either RNA or DNA, which are surrounded by proteins and sometimes additionally by lipid membranes.
All viruses contain attachment proteins, which attach to host cells. This is how they invade healthy human cells.
The virus can spread to others in from bodily fluids, such as blood. Ebola cannot be transmitted through air or water.
Out of the 54 countries in Africa, only 5 countries had presence of Ebola.
Although Ebola is a deadly virus, it is hard to transmit. With only 4 cases of Ebola in the United States in 2014, people should not live in fear.


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