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Life After College: Where Do I Go From Here?

By Turner Vasil, Staff Writer

As the fall semester comes to its end, students are already thinking about the end of the academic year. Graduation, in particular, fills the minds of the seniors.

College is where students young and old go to learn. A degree gives job applicants an advantage over applicants without a college education, and more and more jobs are actually requiring at least a bachelor’s degree even for entry-level positions.

A student’s goal in college is to learn a career-specific skill set. But what happens after the skills are learned and the degree is earned?

“I am both excited and terrified,” said Angela Blum, a senior English major who is set to graduate at the end of this semester. “I want to be done with college so I can apply what I learned. Yet, I also feel anxious about what happens next.”

This worry isn’t limited to seniors.

“I’m worried about the job market,” Regina Gill, a sophomore Biology major, said. “You need so much experience even for low-level jobs. How can I get five years of experience while going to school full time?”

Many students feel this way at some point during their education. However, Cedar Crest has multiple services to help students battle these distressing thoughts.

Crestiad Career Planning Center is located on the first floor of the Allen House.

Career Planning Center is located on the first floor of the Allen House.

Our Career Planning Center is available to all Cedar Crest students, both part-time and full-time. Offering services such as career coaching, mock interviews, and internship searches, the Center is always open to students who have worries about finding a job and gaining experience. The department also hosts events throughout the year such as a graduate school fair and resume-building workshops.

Jenelle Henry, director of the Career Planning Center, advises students, “Take the time now to take advantage of all the services the campus has to offer. The Career Planning Center is here to help graduating students with planning their future by assisting with job or graduate school searches.”

Students close to graduation who have yet to visit the Center are not out of luck, though. All Cedar Crest alumnae still have access to the Center’s many services.

Aside from Career Planning, students are encouraged to speak with their advisors to get an idea of their plans for after graduation. Counseling Services is also open to all students dealing with problems such as college adjustment, anxiety, and stress-management. They can be reached by phone at 610-437-4471 ext. 4640, or students can stop by to make an appointment in Curtis 106.


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