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Chronicle of Influential Black American Music

By Noalani Hendricks, Staff Writer

Black American music is a major part of American history. From syncopated dance music to ragtime to hip-hop, Black Americans have contributed to the creation of several American music genres or in the least have extended insurmountable influence to preexisting genres.

The global mass consumption of black music is often used without recognition. In respect to Black History month, the musical contributions made by Black Americans are celebrated.

Da’vida Teagle, leader of BSU, acknowledged that there is a general lack of awareness to how extensively Black American music have added to the music history of the United States.

As stated in What the Music Said: Black Popular Music and Black Public Culture, by Mark Anthony Neal, the transformation of black expressive art can be tied to the emerging post-World-War II middle class. Diverse audiences were drawn towards black expressive art.

At the time, the ever-growing Hollywood marketed swing music in several major productions. Before then, black music was regarded as inferior.

Paradoxically, this newfound acceptance of black culture was not a positive thing. Black Americans still were not respected even though their art forms were enjoyed and mass-produced. The circumstantial connection between bebop and Harlem riots is considered a response to the mass consumption of black art.

Today, Black American music is enjoyed throughout the world.

In light of that, this video overviews some of the major music genres created by Black Americans throughout history.


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