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Introducing Writing Professor Alison Wellford

By Michelle Chavez, Staff Writer

Writing has long been an option for students at the college, mainly as a concentration for the English major. With the recent addition of Alison Wellford, Assistant Chair for Writing and a published author, the writing track at Cedar Crest will be expanded and reimagined.

Wellford has a wide range of experience when it comes to writing careers, which will help influence the direction that the writing track at Cedar Crest will take.

After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in English and a minor in Astronomy, she began working in many different fields, some such as writing encyclopedia entries.

Wellford did not enjoy working within the realm of business. The thought of teaching was at the back of her mind. “Teaching made sense to me.” She felt that teaching was an inevitable choice she would make.

She received her  master’s degree in Fiction from the Queens University of Charlotte.

Additionally, Wellford is a published author and has an understanding of what it takes to be in the industry.
Her debut novel, “Indolence,” was a buildup of various experiences and development. It took one year to write, a year to review, and a year to publish her novel, but it took much longer to gain inspiration.

Wellford incorporated everything in her writing, even using her minor in Astronomy as an example of connecting seemingly unrelated subjects together. Further inspiration comes from her experiences living and studying abroad, in cities such as Barcelona, Dublin and in the south of France.

Wellford’s involvement at Cedar Crest does not begin with her recent hire. Wellford was part of a residency program that the college runs during the summer, during which Wellford taught the program in Barcelona. Her interaction with the students helped to solidify her thoughts on teaching.

Wellford believes in creating a well-rounded writer and hopes to implement this into the writing curriculum.
Some courses that Wellford has suggested include sports writing, editing, business writing, and more. She hopes to make it so that any person in any major can take classes and still apply it to their major.

She is also involved with a few clubs and activities on campus, mainly “Pitch”, the online literary magazine, and Preterite, the literary club.


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