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Positive Thoughts Attract Positive Things

By Rebekkah Parsons, Staff Writer
I never really realized the impact thoughts have on life until recently. Like most people, I had the mindset that lead to doubting myself. I’d let one person or one thing effect my entire day.

I recently watched a movie, “The Secret”, on Netflix and found it was a very insightful movie.
It taught me that, thoughts are things. The thoughts you have attract things.

With finals approaching, I know that stress might be at an all-time high. The negative thoughts might start clouding our minds and impact the way we perform on various tasks.

With watching this movie, I learned a few crucial rules in order to live a happier life, all based on the theory that like attracts like. These points might seem small, but so far they’ve changed my entire way of thinking, making each day even better.

1. Be Positive. Having a positive attitude really brings a different outlook into life. If you are negative, bad things will happen because that’s what your mind is attracting. I think that this one is the biggest because many people do not realize the impact of a positive attitude.

2. Be grateful and appreciate everything. Be grateful for literally everything you have: your friends, family, food, breathing, life. It’s all a gift.

3. Believe in your own dreams. Once you start believing that you can accomplish what you desire, life turns into endless miracles. A dream can’t come true, if you don’t believe it can.

4. Follow your heart with courage. Following your heart might lead to heartache; meet this heartache with courage. Courage gives you strength. Don’t let others bring you down. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed but also support them during their own journeys.

5. Make time to do what YOU enjoy. Don’t make excuses; make time to do these things. There’s plenty of time. Time is just an idea with numbers and a clock ticking.

6. Nothing is impossible. If you remember this, it can change “I can’t” into “I can.” If you say you can do something, you will have an easier time accomplishing that task.

7. Worry, stress and fear don’t matter. Eliminating stress, worry and fear will help you begin to grow happier. Embrace the unknown with wide-open arms and a heart that is waiting to be filled with adventure. Although, you might not be able to completely eliminate them, don’t let them weigh so heavily in your life to make it a great experience.

8. Don’t give up. Everything is possible. It might seem hard and it might seem unattainable at times, but you can do it. Keep fighting, keep believing and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

9. Don’t let school get in the way of your education. This one is one of my favorites. I’ve heard it a few times. Education is the process of learning. Learning can take place anywhere at any time, not just at a school.

10. There is always room to improve. You aren’t perfect: nobody is. You might not have certain talents that you desire but, with practice, you can. Gain knowledge in what interests you and then improve on what matters the most. Improvement is a part of growing up.

11. See the best in people. If we see the best in others, they will most likely see the best in us. Give someone the benefit of the doubt and give people second chances. People change with their experiences. It’s a large part of growing up and often times we don’t realize this. I think that seeing the best in everyone, especially those who hurt you, just makes it easier to be happier.

12. Realize your imagination is powerful. Imagine what you want and make it a reality. If you think about your dreams and imagine them, you will work harder for them. Let your imagination guide you in the direction that you want. Let your heart be your guide. Do what you love.

Stay positive, think about the things you want and work hard. It’s amazing what might happen.


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