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Baha Men Making a Comeback

By Abigail Ormiston, Copy Editor, and Rebekkah Parsons, Staff Writer

On a small island located in the Bahamas, lives a group of men who like to make music. Their song “Who Let the Dogs Out” took the world by storm and made them a household name.

With their hit song “Who Let the Dogs Out,” the band can still be heard on the radio, in movies and on TV shows 15 years later.

Singer, Dyson Knight, described the song as “just one of those songs that will be around forever.” He added that the band feels good about the popularity of the song.

As with any music, there are influences behind the band. The band grew up in a time when “funk was epic” and so funk influenced their music, along with the Beatles and other members of rock and roll.

Dyson Knight’s influences, in particular, come from R & B, jazz, and classical music.

The band will be playing a huge festival in Bahamas May 7-9 and revealing many of their new songs for the first time. Their new album is a slow moving process as they work diligently with their new label, Sony Records, to produce music that will be around for a while.

“I do believe that after the May 8 concert, you will start hearing stuff,” Knight said, excited for fans to hear their new music.
In 2000, the band won a Kids Choice Award for their song. They have also appeared on a few Disneymania albums.

“It’s the best market to be in,” Knight said. “When kids love you, parents have no choice but to love you.”
So what can we expect to hear on their new album?

“I think what’s going to happen will be specific to what has happened,” Knight said. He predicts that fans will hear the music and not believe that it’s really the Baha Men. He’s prepared for that though. While fans are sitting back questioning if it really is the Baha Men, he’ll be the one with a smile on his face saying, “Yes, that was Baha Men.”

The goal of their music is to have fans relate to it and like it because of that not simply because it’s always on the radio.
When the new album is released, the band will head on the road for a tour.

“Hearing our music is one thing, but seeing us live is a whole new experience,” Knight said. “Our music is on fleek.”

While they are focusing primarily on their own sound right now, the band is not opposed to collaborations.

“Nobody said that they didn’t want to work with us,” Knight said. “But right now, at this point, the focus is to get Baha Men reintroduced to the public.”

Even with new music, the band still considers “Who Let the Dogs Out” an anchor song and will be performing it at their concert.


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