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Breaking Ben and Sevendust at Montage Mountain on Sept. 18th

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By: Abigail Ormiston, Editor In Chief

Sevendust and Breaking Benjamin displayed their talents at Montage Mountain in Wilkes Barre, PA on Sept. 18.

Sevendust was the opener band. Being the lesser known of the two, they had a lot to live up to.

They started out their set with very high energy. Their energy reflected off what the audience seemed to be giving them, which still stayed high throughout the entire set.

Musically, they were very talented. Their vocals were on the raspy side, but fit with their hard rock sound. Vocalist, Lajon Witherspoon’s voice was tough, but sounded well against the hard beats of the other instruments. His vocals also managed to keep a balance between instruments. Morgan Rose, percussionist didn’t over power the sounds of the guitars played by Clint Lowery (lead guitar) and John Connelly (rhythm guitar).

Sevendust played many originals and even played a few songs off their new album.

They also did a great deal of referring to Breaking Benjamin to keep the crowd interested.

Breaking Benjamin started out their set strong.

Throughout their set, however they weren’t very crowd interactive. The audience didn’t seem to mind though.

They played many of their well-known songs such as “Give me a sign”, “I will not bow” and “So Cold.”

Near the end of their set, they stopped to talk to the audience. They told them how appreciative they were to have such a turn out.

Benjamin Burnley got a little emotional while speaking because of how many people came to the show, especially “on their home turf.”

During this part, they turned out all of the lights in the event space, asking the audience turn to on their phone flashlights and lighters.

This was incredible because of how everything lit up just from the light of the audience. The experience from this left you with chills.

But Burnley didn’t let his fame outshine the other members of the bad. Jesse Rauch and Keith Wallen even sang during their performance which was refreshing to hear a change in vocals.

Along with their original songs, Breaking Benjamin played a few covers. They covered a song by Tool and one by Nirvana. They also played the Star Wars theme song which the audience was very excited about.

But they left the audience wanting more, after many encore requests by the audience; they appeared back on the stage playing nothing other than “Diary of Jane” as their finale.

Overall, the concert was a great experience. Both bands had high energy and met the expectations of the audience. They put on a good show, and the viewers were satisfied by what had happens during it.


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