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Arise of the Walking Dead

By: Jillian Shaffer, Staff Writer

While there were many shows people were looking forward to this year, none were as prominent as Fear of the Walking Dead.

According to IMDb the show was rated number two of “Most Anticipated Upcoming TV Shows 2015-2016.” With an average rating of 7.9/10 fans should have been this excited.

E! Online gave the show an award for “New Show You’re Most Excited to See.”

The new show takes place in Los Angeles after the zombie apocalypse has already begun, but before the original Walking Dead series began (as a family fights against the zombie world in an attempt to stay alive.) It follows the lives of Madison Clark, her two children Alicia and Nick and her boyfriend Travis Manawa.

The show however received very negative reviews after it premiered on Aug. 23rd and even got a rating of 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

In comparison on average the star ratings of the original were 4.6/5 while the average rating of the new show is 2/5.

With only six episodes in the first season, the show is off to a bumpy start. However, the show has already been confirmed for a second season of 15 episodes to air later in 2016.

According to Shannon Wolak, a freshman Forensic Science Major, the show isn’t as up to par as she would have hoped. Having been an eager fan of the original Walking Dead she had more hopes than was received.

Wolak claims the show is very predictable and that the plot is seen through.

“The original show was kind of predictable, but sometimes I would have these moments when oh they died, but this one is like all reruns; it’s really fake, and really predictable” said Wolak.

“The show is boring and I want the original characters back.” Victoria Allen, Sage student, said.
Many people have been questioning the reasoning behind the new spinoff.

“I know the creator of the original tries to do as much as he can and stay away from the comics, but tying in a lot of the comic elements; and this was his was of going in a whole new direction.” says Danielle Stokes, Program Coordinator for

Student Affairs and Sage Student. “At this point they are just milking the show for money.”
Stokes said “the show is probably just a combination of all ideas.”

However, the new show doesn’t seem to be a hit with fans. The show isn’t over yet and still has another season, so with enough luck they might become as popular as the original.


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